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It's Okay to Try Something New (Then Change Your Mind)

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This past month I made an enormous mistake of getting an idea. I have to say it was actually a pretty brilliant idea, and I even made efforts into making it happen.

Then I changed my mind.

I don't know about you but I get "bright shiny object" syndrome when it comes to stuff with my blog and writing. I like to go after new ways of doing things, and that's happened to me a couple of times this year. First, I wanted to do some massive celebration of my blog's 10 year anniversary. I even started contacting some of the original contributors from when I first launched my blogs and some of the authors I featured those first few years.

Well, that fizzled out when I didn't hear from anyone. Then I began to wonder how worth my idea was to pursue.

Then I got another, and likely you heard about it. I wanted guest book reviewers on my blog because I felt like it filled a need of people wanting to review books and connect them with the authors who want reviews.

I got it all set up - like really set up, way more than I thought I'd do - and then I realized something:

What am I doing?

This year has been a doozy. WOW! has been wildly busy with tours, and then my new job has really taken off this year. I'm barely giving my brain a mental break. Then it didn't help that not a single soul on my email list expressed an interest in participating when my first newsletter went out.

I wondered if this energy was worth it? 

I asked myself...is this really where I want to put my mind during my off time?

I realized the answer is no.

If you are anything like me, and you tend to want to try out new projects, and see how far they get - kudos to you! I encourage you to keep trying because you just never know.

However, there's a lot to be said about knowing when you've hit your limit and taken on too much. I remember years ago when I was really active on my writing blog, I hosted a weekly writing prompt, and for the longest time, I loved it. Until that began to add to my stress at work and further drained me. So, I had to back out, even though I felt really bad for a while. Even missed it. Yet, I was glad I set those limits. 

So now, I've realized it again, but luckily I didn't get too deep into this.

Of course, I'll still be reviewing books on my blog, and featuring authors as much as I can, but I'll be giving myself enough room to back away and ease up when I need to. And that is something I hope I don't forget the next time another bright shiny idea comes along.

Nicole is a writer, blogger, bookworm, and blog tour manager who obviously bites off more than she can chew sometimes. Say hi to her on Twitter by visiting @BeingTheWriter, or follower her writing blog, WorldofMyImagination.com, where she promises not to get sidetracked by time-consuming ideas that go nowhere.

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