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10 New Books Coming Out This Week

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Another week, another batch of books for your TBR pile. Happy reading, folks.



Melissa Ginsburg, The House Uptown

“Melissa Ginsburg’s page-turner is a devastatingly simple trap: characters so beguiling you settle in for a charming coming-of-age fable before realizing the spring is snapping shut on an inexorable and satisfying calamity. The theme is the-past-isn’t-dead-it-isn’t-even-past, but painted not with Faulkner’s heavy hand so much as with the crisp ingenuity of Ross Macdonald.”
Jonathan Lethem,


Harlan Coben, Win
(Grand Central)

“Twisty—and we’d expect no less from the author of hot thrillers like Tell No One and Missing You.”


Nadine Matheson, The Jigsaw Man
(Hanover Square)

“Expertly depicted…[a] heartpounding work of suspense.”


Emma Stonex, The Lamplighters

“Stonex’s spectacular debut wraps a haunting mystery in precise, starkly beautiful prose…Seamlessly marrying quotidian detail with ghostly touches, the author captures both the lighthouse’s lure and the damage its isolation and confinement wreak on minds and families.”
Publisher’s Weekly, starred review


John Verdon, Under Harrow Hill

“Verdon’s brilliant seventh mystery featuring retired NYPD homicide detective Dave Gurney (after 2018’s White River Burning) showcases a nifty impossible crime variant . . . The surprises keep coming as the plot builds to an impressive reveal.”
Publishers Weekly


Peter Robinson, Not Dark Yet
(William Morrow)

“Bestseller Robinson ably balances multiple plotlines in his intricate 27th novel featuring Det. Supt. Alan Banks (after 2020’s Many Rivers to Cross).”
Publishers Weekly


Debbie Babbitt, Saving Grace

“Saving Grace is a big, southern gothic thriller packed with secrets. The characters jumped off the page, drawing me in until it was impossible to put down. Original, dark, and staggering.”
Samantha Downing


Elizabeth Brooks, The Whispering House
(Tin House)

“Brooks cooks up a spellbinding gothic story featuring a sinister country house. This is an exquisitely creepy page-turner.”
Publishers Weekly


Angeline Boulley, Firekeeper’s Daughter
(Henry Holt)

“Hitting hard when it comes to issues such as citizenship, language revitalization, and the corrosive presence of drugs on Native communities, this novel will long stand in the hearts of both Native and non-Native audiences.”
Publishers Weekly


Emma Viskic, Darkness For Light
(Pushkin Vertigo)

“The tension builds from the very first page…brutal but compassionate.”
The Times (UK)

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