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New York Pitch Conferences III

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So pleased to share this news with you and extend my thanks once again for the career boost from the pitch conference: "Rosemary DiBattista's (writing as Rosie Genova) MURDER MARINARA, first in a new mystery series featuring a quirky Italian-American family and their restaurant on the Jersey Shore, to Sandy Harding at NAL, at auction, in a three-book deal, by Kim Lionetti at BookEnds.

space.gif- Rosemary DiBattista

space.gifspace.gifgrayarrow2.gif NY/PRNewswire: "On Maggie's Watch" space.gifgrayarrow2.gif NY/PRNewswire: "Lipstick in Afghanistan"

I attended Pitch and Shop in NYC in Dec. 2006, and I now have an agent for the book I pitched, Grace at War. At the conference I gained the current title from a suggestion by a fellow writer and discovered (from ediors' reactions) that my one pov character should be Grace, age 16. One editor, from Norton, liked Grace and my pitch more than the others; all were positive. I thank you for the conference & your invaluable help ... I am a friend of Wendy Eckel's--she met you through my proselytizing about Algonkian!

space.gif- Susan Moger

First write a good book; if you're not sure about that, attend one of the other Algonkian Workshops. But if you do attend the New York Pitch Conference, be prepared for the fallout. I walked away with such a successful pitch, but realized I had to rewrite my book to make sure I delivered what I sold the editors. With workshop leader Susan Breen's help, I have three publishing house editors who want read my manuscript. Wanna write a successful query to an agent? Put that in your first paragraph. I have over a dozen requests for my manuscript now!

space.gif- Kim Boykin (Interview with Kim Boykin)

I have already had a novel published by a major publisher, but getting the second book out there has turned out to be more difficult than I expected. I asked my agent what she thought about taking the new book to the New York Pitch Conference. She thought it was a fine idea, so I went for it. It turned out to be a great experience. I got lots of help refining my pitch and the opportunity to pitch my book to four editors. Where else can you tell your story to four editors who are actively looking for books to buy? I think the answer to that is "Nowhere else." But the icing on the cake, I think, was that the workshops gave me new insight into the very essence of my book. I had lots to think about when I got home, and revised accordingly.

space.gif- Author Natasha Bauman

My novel became a higher concept project because of the New York Pitch Conference experience. I was also encouraged to think of it in broader terms and consider developing a series.

space.gif- Author Pamela Binder

Algonkian offered me the opportunity to be part of a real writers group where my ideas and evolving characters were first introduced to other writer and potential readers. That critique allowed me to tweak my characters and storyline to perfection. Algonkian's approach in fine tuning my pitch helped me to tighten my manuscript as well. As a result, my manuscript sold to the very first publisher who saw it!

space.gif - Roberta Gately, author of Lipstick in Afghanistan
space.gifSuite 101 Review

The New York Pitch Conference sessions sharpened my focus considerably. They train you to look at your work in a certain way. And of course, exposure to the frank opinions of people in the publishing world is priceless ...

space.gif - Author Kate Gallison

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