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a:Take the StoryADay 3-Day Challenge

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Novels and short fiction start with the same ingredients, but each creates a different experience—-for the reader and for you.

You know writing short stories could transform your craft and build your audience. If something’s holding you back from making progress in your short fiction, I have a challenge for you.

I’m Julie Duffy, the host of StoryADay. I’m inviting you to spend three days with me (virtually, of course) as I share with you the best lessons from 10 years of running the StoryADay May challenge…but without asking you to make a month-long commitment!

Instead, I’m inviting you to a 3-Day Challenge.

  • Have trouble getting to ‘the end’?
  • All of your short stories want to grow into novels?
  • Can’t focus on one idea at a time and finish stories often enough to make meaningful progress?

Focus-on-Short-Fiction-1-300x300.pngPerhaps you need someone to lead you through the recipes and techniques to help you whip up a perfect batch of short stories.

I’m inviting you to focus part of your day, for three days, writing and finishing three short story drafts in a guided, focused way.

You’ll come out of the 3-Day Challenge with:

  • 3 completed short story drafts
  • A deep understanding of what makes successful stories tick
  • A path through the messy middle so you can get to ‘the end’ every time
  • Techniques for openings and endings that delight readers

What it is:

  • Daily pre-recorded video lessons (with subtitles, audio downloads and written transcripts). Start whenever you want, and go at your own pace
  • A different focus each day, so you can build your short story muscles in a structured way
  • 3 short story assignments
  • Worksheets for planning your next steps after the challenge

Carve out some time for your writing (maybe this weekend?) and take the 3-Day Challenge. Think of it as a part-time, virtual writing retreat—without the need to leave your real life behind.

Take 3 days to discover how to write short stories that entertain you, develop your craft, and delight readers.

— Julie Duffy, Director, StoryADay

Take the 3-Day Challenge


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