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'GETTING RID OF DAVION,' Book 1 of a series, (Inspired by True Events),  Suspense/ Psychological Thriller, by Tiffany Washington

Comps: Samantha Downing's 'HE STARTED IT' meets TV's, Tyler Perry's 'THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS' in the form of TV's, 'DEXTER' 

Hook Line:  Following the discovery of his murderous, psychopathic, identical twin brother’s elaborate escape from a psychiatric-maximum-security-institution, over-seas, Davion Jones is forced to contend with the inner turmoil of keeping his brother’s identity, top secret, from everybody he loves. And keeping this truth from his loved ones, well let’s just say—bad idea!

Pitch:  In fictional Manasota, Florida, Derrick Jones, Davion’s identical twin brother, is on a warpath to exact revenge on his brother for disowning him at the age of twelve. With help from his cloak-and-dagger clique of greedy goons who helped him escape, one to include, his beautician girlfriend, he goes on a killing spree and disguises himself as his victims. Each one bringing him closer to his goal—to steal his brother’s identity and hijack his perfect life. Why? To collect the two hundred-million-dollar trust fund left by the twin’s biological parents, whom by the way, Derrick murdered! Meanwhile, Shala, Davion’s wife is navigating through life as a; spouse, mother, and perplexed daughter, following the past year's tragic and chaotic events which, in turn, signals her fragile mental state to open up her heart to God. Blindsided with news she is the older half-sister of Dominique Randall, traumatized her mentally. Dominique was the crazed woman also on a warpath seeking revenge for her own childhood trauma. The past year, she committed multiple crimes including, murders and attempted murder—of Shala and Shala’s unborn fetus! Now, she is missing and wanted by authorities. Last but not least, Shala's parents start having drama of their own, sending their seemingly perfect union on a collision course to hell. With all of this—yet there’s more, will Davion be able to save himself and his loved ones from his brother’s wrath?

Prose Sample: 

“Shala?” A man’s hushed voice whispered. “Shala?” She heard him again. She assumed it must have been Harry trying to play games. “Shala?” The whisper was louder. On the other hand, the person’s voice was more of a concerned one. Sneaking a peak, she saw the backside of a man scanning the grounds. But to her dismay, it was not Harry! He turned his head and she jolted back. The pounding in her heart accompanied the swift rise and fall of her chest. With her back against the log, she squeezed her eyes shut. About twenty seconds later, “Shala?” He called out. When she opened her eyes, his intimidating body stood directly in front of her. His hurried left palm covered her mouth before she could scream. Then he placed his right index finger over his lips for her to cooperate with silence. Once she obeyed, he said, “It’s okay, I am not going to hurt you.” Next, he raised his hands in an "I surrender" motion to prove to her she could trust him. “Who are you?” She immediately questioned. Once again, he placed his right index finger on his lips. She nodded her head in agreement. Then, he signaled for her to follow him. Reluctantly, she did as told just in case this person was working with Harry and Rolanda.


              Once they made it to the back door of the main house, he paused. “Do you know how to use a gun?” She nodded her head "yes." He reached in a pocket and handed one to her. “Hide and wait for me to return.”  That’s when she knew she could trust him. “Wait, Ty, he is in the family room, check on him, please? I saw Harry shoot him. Please be okay Ty, please be okay.” Shala prayed. The mystery man left and must have searched every inch of her home, because it took him a while to return. “All clear,” he said, when he returned. She appeared from her hiding space. “Wait…Ty, where is he?” She asked frantically. “No one is here,” he said. Shala had a skeptical look on her face. “Are you sure?”


      “But, but…I saw him…”

      “Look, there is no one here.”

       Thank God, he’s okay, he’s gotta be. “Okay, now, so…who are you?”

      “That’s not important right now.”

      “Well, okay…then what’s going on? Do you…do you know where my husband is?”

      “Sorry, I don’t, but we need to get outta here, now.”

       “Why? What the hell is going on?”

       “In case they return…don’t you wanna live?”


       “Get ya keys, let’s go.”

       “But…what about my kids.”

       “Sorry, I don’t know…Let’s go,” he demanded, frustrated at all the questions. Jeez, why do women ask so many got damn questions, that’s exactly why I’m single.

     “Where we going?”

     “To the hospital.” He blurted out. “I’ll explain there,” he retorted before Shala could ask any more questions.


              Shala retrieved her phone and dialed Davion one more time. Still no answer. “Dammit baby, where are you?” She yelled. She pressed the red end button, then called Anika. “Hello?”

“Anika!” Shala declared, relieved. “Thank God! Where are you and the kids?”

     “Ms. Jones…Hah, hah, uhh…I am so sorry but…”

     “But what?”

     “I was really craving some ice cream and so…I put the kids…”

     “Okay, okay…listen.” Shala cut her off. She was relieved to hear the kids were safe. “Where are you now?”

     “Uhh…driving back to yo place.”

     “Listen, do not go there…meet me at the hospital.”

     “Okaaay…why, what hospital?”

     “Uhhh…Lakeside Memorial, long story.” Shala guessed, due to the vicinity she was following the mystery man.

    “Okay.” Click


  • BIO: 

    I am a lifelong resident of Bradenton, Florida. I began writing and creating interesting stories as a young girl, nine years of age. Instead of writing a book report, I would persuade my teachers into allowing me to write plays for me and my close classmates to act out in front of class. Which BTW, they loved! But after the sudden and unexpected death of my best friend and my very own personal childhood trauma—both at ten years old, my passion for writing, vanished. As an adult, I was faced with personal challenges which led me to a very dark period and that is what ignited the flames for me to start back writing. I aspire to work with someone to help me rise to new heights as a writer/creator, hopeful of resulting in Film/TV rights someday. I recently attended the December 2020, NYC Algonkian Writer’s Pitch Conference, via zoom, hosted by CEO, Mr. Micheal Neff and I am honored to be on the list of attendees whose manuscript was selected for review by both agents and film producers.






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