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Ahoy, there! If you’d like more silliness in your eardrums, and you really like the podcast episodes where Amanda and I hang out and talk about all the things, we have a few – several, I think this qualifies – options during the week!

If you’re hanging out on a Sunday afternoon, or a Tuesday or Wednesday evening – come hang out with us!


Sundays & Wednesdays: SmartTwitches on Twitch!

Since last summer, Amanda and I stream twice a week on Twitch, usually playing Stardew Valley. Sunday streams start around 3pm ET, and Wednesday night streams begin around 7:30pm ET and you can find our schedule and follow or subscribe at Smart Twitches: Stardew Badly.

Amanda likes to slay things, take on challenging quests, level up her armor, and battle the local ecology. I like to farm things, pet the chonkins and the round cows and pigs, and give gifts to my neighbors to get those adorable cutscenes. We talk about food, books, baking, and drinks, and we name our farm animals after our Twitch community members, too, so join in the fun!



Tuesdays: Oversharing on Stereo!


While Twitch is a text-based chat, we also have an AUDIO option!  Tuesdays at 7:30pm ET, Amanda and I are live on Stereo

Stereo is an app that’s like a combination of live talk radio with lots of call-in guests. If you download the stereo app from stereo.com/smartbitches you’ll get a notification when we’re live, and you’ll be able to record messages and comments that we’ll play during the live show! 

It’s like a special live, interactive podcast after party, where we talk books, baking, food, and probably books, again. We’ll be Oversharing (it’s in the name) and playing your messages live while we talk.

If you download the Stereo app , you get to play with a surprisingly fun avatar generator. (The ones I saw in our last broadcast were SO CUTE.)


Tuesday nights at 7:30pm ET: Oversharing on Stereo!

Wednesday nights around 7:30pm ET: Stardew Badly with SmartTwitches!

Sunday afternoons around 3:00pm ET: More Stardew Badly with SmartTwitches!

It’s really, really fun to hang out with y’all. I hope you can join in the fun with us!

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