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  • Name: Joseph Hall
  • Novel Title: ARKFALL (90,000 words)
  • Genre: Adult Sci-fi
  • Comparables: The celebrity main character of EMPRESS OF FOREVER hurled into the indifferent cyberpunk world of ALTERED CARBON.
  • Hook: A cybernetic supermodel infiltrates the corporate underworld to exact revenge on the CEO who murdered his childhood family.
  • Pitch: 

    In a distant future where Earth was rendered uninhabitable, mankind now lives in helio-centric megastructures that orbit around the sun. Living on Solar Ark Terra, Vino Belissi is the solar system’s hottest cybernetic supermodel. He’s got wealth, connections, status, and his name alone is associated with high fashion.

    But Vino isn’t in the modelling industry for the prestige or the money. He’s in it for revenge.

    When Vino was a child living in the Heat Pit slums, the corporate underworld killed his entire family, and now Vino lives a double life. By day, he’s cavorting with CEOs and executives at parties and media events, and by night, he’s honing his deadly talents with his rare psyonic abilities through use of the superdrug, “Psych.”

    Vino’s master plan is simple: infiltrate the corporate underworld, prove his worth with his powerful psyonic abilities, work his way into CEO Ricci Alito’s inner circle, and then destroy the entire organization from this inside out. Starting with the head.

    But as Vino dives deeper, the plan changes. He falls in love with an enemy who teaches him there’s more to life than revenge and hate, his plan is discovered and he goes on the run, and he also becomes trapped in the middle of a system-wide conspiracy that threatens the stability of every Solar Ark around the sun.

    To survive, Vino must now fight for not only himself, but for everyone he's come to love in his fabricated life.

  • 500 Word Sample:

Chapter 1

Celebrities have an incredible advantage when they’re trying to kill someone: if the victim survives, no one will ever believe them. Vino Belissi knew these words to be true better than anyone, and he intended to prove it.

The drug dealers of Solar Ark Terra occupied every social class within their home inside the gigantic starship orbiting Earth’s irradiated husk, but most were forced to a life of squalor in the Heat Pits where the enforcer drones didn’t even bother patrolling anymore. A place everyone liked to pretend didn’t exist, and where the goodness in mankind went to die.

However, Vino didn’t travel to this end of the ark to chase nobodies. No, he had come for a man named Ryan Holmes, an ambitious Psych supplier from Solar Ark Deimos, and a perfect opportunity.

Rumors around the darker fringes of the SolNet claimed Ryan had just built a new production house in the heart of the Pits, so Vino thought he might drop in and take everything from the bastard. His business, his contacts, his future, and most importantly his Psych. Vino was going to need as much of that juice as he could get his hands on for what he was planning to do later in the evening, and didn’t plan on paying a single Arkbyte in exchange. Monsters like Ryan didn’t deserve success. Not when they destroyed lives and tore apart families for the sake of profit. No, he needed to pay, and no one else was going to make him answer for his crimes.

Vino walked alone down a grated pathway between homes and shopfronts built from rusted steel with hard edges. Soda cans littered the street, and plastic wrappers and paper trash clung to the ground and walls, damp from the moisture in the air mixed with the heat of the Solar Ark’s exhaust vents which blasted borderline toxic air hundreds of feet above. The high temperature and pollution rendered the Pits almost unlivable, and Vino sometimes couldn’t believe he used to live in this place, and as a child no less.

But that was a long time ago, and now Vino was a different person in every sense of the word.

He stopped in front of “Paolo’s Pawn and Repairs,” a little hole-in-the-wall with a burnt-out neon sign. The place had been around since Vino was a kid, and he vaguely remembered how jealous he always was of the owner’s cybernetic arm. Now, Vino’s cybernetic right hand alone was probably worth more than the shop’s property value twice over. Incredible what a span of twenty years could change.

A little bell chime rang when he walked inside, and all eyes turned toward him. One look was enough to figure out Vino didn’t belong in this neighborhood. At least, not anymore. In the Heat Pits, people wore thin worker’s jumpsuits, second-hand thrift clothes, or rags and shorts. Vino—on the other hand—strolled in wearing designer sunglasses, a white, flat-brimmed hat to conceal his newly-dyed black hair, and a maroon leather coat that shined with a fresh layer of oil, golden buckles, and chrome zippers.

A designer coat like his wasn’t merely a fashion choice. Wearing something so unique told everyone Vino was from a different place, and that he wasn’t afraid of anyone trying to rob him. It also meant he was wearing synthetic skin since no one in their right mind would wear leather in the Heat Pits.

And every pit dweller knew not to fuck with someone wearing synthetic skin. Cyborgs didn’t need voltblades to kill people, and ones as advanced as Vino wouldn’t even have to catch their breath afterward. Looking into these people’s eyes and gauging their reactions was surreal. At what point had Vino transformed into the sort of man he used to hate? If they only knew the truth. Deep down, he would always be one of them.


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