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Exposition and End Game

This select forum thread is dedicated exclusively to Algonkian alums who wish to post sell sheets of their completed SFF novels, or novels-in-progress, for the purpose of showcasing them to literary agents and TV/Film reps. We will inform these professionals of new high-concept projects and invite them to stop by regularly during 2021.

If they wish to request something immediately, or at a future date, they will either contact you directly, make a post, or else contact us. It is also possible they might wish to video conference with you. The scenarios are various, but all is casual. There is no set schedule. This is how we want this to work going forward.

The end game is simple: get worthy novels published. Everyone wins.

Sell Sheet Posting Procedure

After starting a new topic in this forum, your topic subject line should appear like so: "TITLE OF NOVEL IN CAPS, Genre - Your Name, e.g., THE GOD BENDER, Epic Fantasy - Sandra W. Cohen

The sell sheet elements as follows (have patience and peruse the NWOE articles before posting):

  • Your name
  • Novel title(s) (you might have more than one) NWOE on titles
  • Genre 
  • Comparables (important to get it straight - NWOE on comparables)
  • Hook Line (conflict with core wound - NWOE article)
  • Short pitch (200 words or less - examples)
  • Prose Sample (up to 500 words with dialogue)

You may post two novels, but each in a separate topic. No more than two.

You may also include a little bio about yourself after the sell sheet bullets.




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