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    I'm a little weird, and slightly crazy. I enjoy running long distances in the woods and spending time alone in my thoughts while doing so. The time away from reality and daily responsibilities lets my mind wander and create separate but enjoyable interactions with the thoughts in my head. From these thoughts I find the inspiration for characters and stories to write down and share with others to give them a glimpse into the world I inhabit inside my mind.

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  1. Marian watched the sunset from a grassy hill outside the Steinigen fortress. Free from her father, and free from his warlocks and guards, the moment she carved out of time for herself was one of peace. She was surrounded by Harken Lilies, a rare flower whose seeds were prized elsewhere in the Kingdom of Ephorus. She whispered into the petals, a plea for rescue, and a tear rolled down her freckled cheek. Ancient texts told of pixies who could hear your cries through the delicate system the flower built beneath the earth with its roots, but no one had ever come. As the final ray of sunlight touc
  2. 1. Story Statement: Marian must follow the voice in her head to find those she can trust to prevent her father from taking over the last chance of peace for what life is left in the Kingdom of Ephorus. 2. Antagonist Plots the Point: Nance is a merciless and powerful Lord of Steinigen with the command of fire at his fingertips. His desire for control lays beyond the simple pursuit of domination in life. Taking the power he has and combining it with that of ancient beings, he seeks to control what life may exist beyond death, destroying any hope for peace and tranquili
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