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  1. Name: O.O Owoyemi Title: THE GIRL WITH THE PAINTED WOLVES Genre: Fantasy Comparables: City of brass; Black Sun Hook Line: To avenge her mother, Tella must break the promise she made when her mother died. Short Pitch: Set in 18th Century West Africa. Princess Tella desires two things: overturning the false charges Ga brought against her mother and finding the perfect chance to kill Ga, the most powerful man in Eyeo Kingdom. While she waits, she learns that Ga has rigged the King’s trial, a septennial event held to determine if the sitting King has the favor o
  2. This scene opening introduces the antagonist, who is on his way to see a oracle to gain insight into what he seeks. The outcome of this visit, besides the antagonist's goals, is what drives his actions through the rest of the story. A colony of grey birds, flying in unison like soldiers marching to a beat, swarmed the grey skies. Basorun Ga, prime minister of Eyeo Kingdom was many miles from home. He rode on quagga back with his chief guard, Jahi, at his side. As they neared the Black city, the air changed. The smell of the air, dirty, stale, and intoxicating, hung heavy like a thi
  3. 1. STORY STATEMENT Tella must defeat the most powerful tyrant in her Kingdom to save her father, the last living member of her family 2. ANTAGONIST PLOTS THE POINT Basorun Ga learned very early in life that justice is blind when it involves power and influence. An orphan and a bastard, he worked his way up to become the Prime minister of Eyeo Kingdom which makes him the second most powerful man in the Kingdom in theory. He is however, in fact, the most powerful man. He was only five summers old when King Atikupo, King of Eyeo Kingdom at the time, sentenced his mo
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