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    In earnest, I have been writing for six years. For play, I have been writing most of my life. Five years ago, I quit my job as an industry professional illustrator (BFA from College for Creative Studies in Detroit) to put all of my energy into what I really wanted—a writing career. Ever since, I have completed five manuscripts totaling over 20 drafts, and well over a million words. Two of my novels have been in the query trenches with agents for a couple years, while the other three are undergoing rewrites. Most of my work is adult literary speculative, though some of it is low adult literary fantasy.

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  1. FIRST ASSIGNMENT Story Statement: As one of the rare remaining fertile people on Earth, Theodore Young, a licensed sex worker at an ‘all-natural’ adoption facility, spends his days conceiving children with fertile female partners whom he has always experienced as human-sized birds. For years, management, and Theodore’s friends, have played along with his delusions, denying any issues that might deem Theo unfit for his job. The company cannot afford to lose him. His delusions are never confronted until an assignment to conceive with an unusual swan brings Theo’s mental illness, h
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