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  1. Author: Ryan Ball Novel title: The Field of Night Genre: Science Fantasy Comparables: The Cradle Series and Red Rising Hook Line: After making a desperate deal with a charismatic alien to save his mother, a young man must gain power quickly to protect his friends, family and humanity from the alien’s manipulative schemes. Short Pitch: Samer Azza, once a college basketball standout with a bright future, desperately needs a way to pay for his mother’s medical care. He believes his luck takes a turn when Tar, an enigmatic alien emissary, shows up offering the
  2. First Assignment (Story Statement): Samer must protect himself, his family, friends and Earth from a deceptive, gift-bearing alien. Second Assignment (Antagonist): Editor Tar belongs to an expansionist, galaxy-spanning alien civilization, and possesses mastery of a hidden force called aether, which allows him to control energy and manipulate others. Made an outcast by the fall of his clan, Tar seeks to recover his name through guiding and entering combatants in the Cosmic Contest, the galaxy’s arbiter of fortune and fame. Desperate, he turns to Earth, which although a primi
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