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    I am a graduate of Dartmouth College and a teacher. I have been working towards a professional writing career for the last few years and am now ready to find representation. I have been fortunate enough to become a nationally-recognized, award-winning writer over the last two years. Two years ago I was one of the ten award winners in the Writer's Digest Short Story competition, and last year, Chu Songs was a finalist in their Self-Published Book category.
  1. Algonkian Writers Conference Assignments Story statement: Miaoyi Yu demands to live life on her own terms and fights a war to save the soul of China. The antagonist, Liu Bang, grows up as best friend to the protagonist’s childhood friend and later husband, Xiang Ji. Both are sons to powerful warlords, Bang from Han and Ji from Chu. But Bang is a cruel misogynist who wants to control everyone and everything. He even asks Yu to be one of his concubines. She turns him down but accepting is her great friend, as well as the most tender and tragic figure in the book
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