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    I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the ocean, so I moved to Charleston, SC to live by the beach and soak up the rich stories of the south. My writing has been published by Propel Women, Verily Magazine, and Charisma Magazine. I love the work of authors like Sue Monk Kidd, Markus Zusak, Steinbeck, and Rick Bragg.

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  1. 1) Story Statement Avis must heal from her past, learn to love again, and believe in her own future. Rafe has to accept his past and learn to let go. 2) The Antagonistic Force: Their pasts For both Avis and Rafe, their pasts/themselves are the antagonistic forces in the story. For Avis, her past is represented by her ex-fiance, Brad: a self-assured, conventional editor who discovered her. He is steady and confident and emotionally shallow. He wants commitment from Avis in a way she cannot give him and wants her to be someone she is not. Feeling like a misfit
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