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  1. Assignment 1: Story Statement: Short version: Untitled is a true story of a woman who found the courage to rid herself of the false life she created and then dug deep to overcome the catastrophe of her failed leap. Long version: Untitled is a true story of a woman who found the courage to rid herself of the false life she created. She boarded a ship that circled the globe for an adventure of a lifetime that she was certain would propel her forward. Instead, she faced the formidable challenge of repeated loss, lack, and deceit. Despite the blows and temptations to turn back around, she found the spunk, grit, and madness needed to keep going. Assignment 2 – Antagonist Summary My story begins with an antagonistic force – Expectation and Self-worth. Two driving forces enslaved the main character into a life that looked wonderful on the outside but ate her alive deep within. The force of expectation examines the pressure a woman has, not only to attract a partner but to stay within the limits of a woman's standard desires – having children. The second force of "self-worth" taunts the main character's way of life, allowing her accomplishments to become a drug that temporarily made her feel whole. It wasn't until she was burglarized and fired did her antagonistic forces shrink down enough for her to stand up to them. After an adventure of a lifetime, the protagonist meets multiple antagonists that appear in every leap—like a cannonball that would fall out of the sky and land on her wings. Each antagonist (A reiki healer, a business partner and a roommate) comes forward to represent one of the following: lack, deceit, assault, struggle, brainwashing. A person so threatened by her steadfast spunk and heart-guided determination that they wanted to shrink her down to size. Assignment 3 – Breakout Titles Working Title: Drumsticks and Chandeliers Other options: 1. The Making of a Bomb 2. Crossing Equators 3. Around and Down – A Hero's Plummet 4. Made of Mettle Assignment 4 – Comparable Titles 1. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – A slave to expectations, resulting in a life that felt encapsulating. The protagonist needed to spread her wings and do something she will never regret as an ultimate reset. A trip filled with meaningful people, healing, lessons, and funny stories. 2. Wild by Cheryl Strayed – Refusing to go back to her old way of life, she physically pushes forward when she is unsure she can continue (mentally and physically). She knows her life is on the line. Assignment 5 - Hook 1. The true story of how a rational woman (with an MBA) surrendered her logic, tripped on her creative madness, and lost almost everything, to claim her freedom to pursue her heart's desire. Assignment 6 1. The main inner conflict of the protagonist is her struggle between inward guidance and outward security. On multiple occasions, she must decide between the two. a. Does she take the enormous risk knowing she has little-to-no means to make it happen—with no net to catch her if it doesn't work out? Is she insane? Delusional? Or is she honoring her heart's guidance? b. Or, should she turn back around and revert to the life she left behind – to recreate the home, job, and income she had. A decision that offers a sense of external safety, but it will only be a matter of time before she starts to die inside slowly. 2. The main secondary conflict is the people in her orbit who say they support the protagonist but then try to stop her or cut her down to size. a. This conflict is shown through people who offer her help or an opportunity to either try to pull the rug out from under her or physically harm her. Assignment 7 – Setting 1. Part 1 has two main settings: a. A quirky, misshapen custom-built home in the historic district of downtown Orlando. A place so perfect on the inside, that its one oddly placed large front window didn't matter to its owner. A house that created security, community, and dance parties, thanks to its ceiling speakers and iPod docking station that rested inside the wall. b. A garage theatre called Art Sake Studios. It has old movie theatre seats with one so broken that an old cd player underneath holds up the seat cushion. The stage is a cement floor where a thin carpet marks the stage's borders. It's a place of creativity and unity. A run-down theatre that you sign up to study at and leave completely transformed. 2. Part 2 has one primary setting: a. A small 800 passenger cruise ship set to circle the world from Fort Lauderdale, Fl west and back around to Ft. Lauderdale. An ambiance where two-hour formal dinners and the cha-cha were nightly events. People arrived from all over the globe and carried themselves with grace like you would find on the QE II. A ship that would pull into 44 ports of call all over the world. 3. Part 3 has two main settings: a. Orlando, Florida, in a rented apartment. Driftwood furniture and pops of vibrant accent colors reminded the protagonist of both the ocean and her art. A place that tried so hard to feel like home, but never did. A place that gave her enough comfort to gain the courage to leap even bigger than she already had. b. New York City. A park bench that became a safe place. Gritty people and dirty streets in the dead of summer seemed to perfectly accompany the protagonist's internal and external struggles of lack and survival. But also, a shared apartment on the UWS that represents moving ahead.
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