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    I am a mom of three teens and have lived in 3 cities in Asia, Palo Alto and NYC since 2006. My first book, narrative non-fiction, was published with S&S imprint Atria in 2019. I find the world... confusing and would love to produce stories, preferably fiction, to make it less so.

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  1. 1 - STORY STATEMENT Eradicate systemic corruption to ensure a safer global community 2 - ANTAGONIST The dark-monied Verity Family with a global web of co-conspirators prioritize wealth above humanity. At all costs, they stamp out benevolence to accumulate power and influence while hiding behind a veil of philanthropy. 3 - BREAKOUT TITLES The Super Globals The Super Globals of 175 Rivington The Super Globals and the Verity Artifice The Super Globals and Money Craft 4 - COMPARABLES Alex Rider, Cherub, City Spies, The Hunger Games (in theme) 5 - PRIMARY CONFLICT After a mysterious explosion destroys their apartment building in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and devastates their families, five diverse teen strangers come together to fight an underground dark money chain that threatens their racial, socioeconomic, first generation, and sexual identities. 6 - CONFLICT: TWO MORE LEVELS Can she have equal opportunity despite the color of her skin, can he be accepted as possibly queer, can he have friends and remain innocent within a fast-paced world, can she maintain her family ethics in the face of enticing wealth, can he calm his anger through a male love interest 7 - SETTING Manhattan. The protagonists live in its Lower East Side and adventure throughout the city and its environs. NYC is the sixth character. Its architecture, diversity of human experience; its rich history. The Super Globals run through the streets of the Lower East Side, Red Hook, over the Brooklyn Bridge; work at ABC Kitchen and a tech start-up located in The Limelight; enjoy Coney Island; attend a press conference at The United Nations; and infiltrate a gala at Lincoln Center. The climax is held in hurricane-like conditions on the steps of The Metropolitan Museum. They get woo’ed by an evening at a mansion in the Hamptons, a Tribeca penthouse and a private escape in the Cayman Islands.
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