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    I am a mom of three teens and have lived in 3 cities in Asia, Palo Alto and NYC since 2006. My first book, narrative non-fiction, was published with S&S imprint Atria in 2019. I find the world... confusing and would love to produce stories, preferably fiction, to make it less so.
  1. 1 - STORY STATEMENT Eradicate systemic corruption to ensure a safer global community 2 - ANTAGONIST The dark-monied Verity Family with a global web of co-conspirators prioritize wealth above humanity. At all costs, they stamp out benevolence to accumulate power and influence while hiding behind a veil of philanthropy. 3 - BREAKOUT TITLES The Super Globals The Super Globals of 175 Rivington The Super Globals and the Verity Artifice The Super Globals and Money Craft 4 - COMPARABLES Alex Rider, Cherub, City Spies, The Hunger Games (in theme)
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