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  1. Changing Fate Genre: Fantasy The Story Statement: Maggie Westington and Chloe Fay both have similar missions: to change their own fates. While they are on similar journeys they are both looking for very different things. Maggie feels unfulfilled and unsatisfied in her life professionally while Chloe loves her job as a Sister of Fate but can’t seem to find the one thing she longs for most - love. The Antagonists/Antagonistic Force: It’s clear from the first chapter that the physical anatagonists are both Maggie and Chloe’s sisters. Both Chloe and Maggie have two sisters, one they get along with and one they don’t. Maggie’s fight with one of hers is the whole reason she goes out the same night Chloe does the night they meet. Chloe’s oldest sister Alexis tries to sabatoge her quest for love. Maggie’s sister Emma and Chloe’s sister Alexis both can’t understand why Maggie and Chloe can’t just accept their current situations and fates like everyone else. This brings me to the antagonistic force that is the central theme of the book: fate. As young women do they accept their fates, however unhappy they may be, or do they fight to change them? The Titles: Changing Fate - I selected this title because it most largely covers the theme of the book that was just mentioned. The Three Sisters - This was my first title because both Maggie and Chloe are one of three sisters and each one has a sister that’s an antagonist. However the story ended up being more about Chloe and Maggie and their journeys than their sisters. Sisters of Fate - In a way this option combines the first two and points to the fantasy genre because Chloe is a Sister of Fate and she turns mortal to find love on Earth. However I still feel the first one is best because Chloe and Maggie aren’t the only two whose fates are changed in this book. Two Comparables: Candace Bushnell’s Lipstick Jungle - Feminism and women supporting women is another huge theme of this book that is not represented through the sisters but easily seen through Maggie and Chloe’s friendship. It immediately made me think of Candace Bushnell’s writing because whether it’s Lipstick Jungle or Sex and the City, her stories are about strong women who support each other no matter what they are going through. Jennifer Derrick’s Broken Fate - When conducting research on books about the Sisters of Fate I came across Jennifer Derrick’s Broken Fate. While we have some similarities, like two of our characters being named Chloe, hers is much more about the Sisters of Fate than actual fate itself. So I compare the fantasy element of this book to Derrick’s but the general theme of my writing compares more closely to Bushnell’s The Hook Line with Conflict and Core: Two women in their thirties work against time and society’s traditional views of who they are and what they should be to try to change their fates. Can Maggie find a new direction in her life at this age and can Chloe find love before her time as mortal is up? The clock is ticking for both of them. Inner Conflict and Secondary Conflict: Chloe’s Inner Conflict - Chloe tells herself that she loves her job and she does, but when she becomes mortal she realizes that she loves living so much more. She thought she wanted to find love with another human but ends up finding a love for life itself. Maggie’s Inner Conflict - Simply put, Maggie feels stuck in her life. She’s never found a love that compared to the one with her ex and she feels like she could do so much more with her job. She wants to make a difference in what she does for a living but what she doesn’t realize is how big of a difference she’s made in the life of her friends. She doesn’t realize this until it’s too late. The secondary conflict for both Chloe and Maggie are their sisters. Both sets of sisters have followed their paths without question and have become antagonists for Chloe and Maggie because they can’t understand why they won’t simply accept their fates as they are. The sisters represent the traditional views of women, especially Maggie’s sisters who are married with kids. That is not what Maggie wants and she feels like she is being punished with where she is in life because she doesn’t want what society expects women to want. The Setting(s): The setting is present day in an unnamed city. I didn’t want to be very specific with the general setting because I want it to feel like it could take place anywhere. There are five major places that are the backdrops of this book: Maggie’s Home - Maggie shares a brownstone with her sister Emma and her family. She moved in after her breakup with her ex-almost fiancé Max. She meant to only stay a few months until she found her own place but it’s been three years. Chloe’s Apartment - Her sister Leslie gave Chloe an apartment only a few miles away from Maggie’s home. It is a one bedroom apartment with only the necessities, which prompts Chloe to go shopping on her first day on Earth to give it a more homey feel. Mac’s Diner - Mac’s Diner is right in the middle of Maggie and Chloe’s places and becomes a favorite spot for them. Mac was originally a photojournalist but took over the diner his dad owned when he died and made it his own. He took it over to be closer to his nephew Dylan after he was born since Dylan’s dad ran off. The diner isn’t 24 hours but stays open until the last person leaves, that last person often being Maggie. It’s covered in professional quality photos that he took of his travels and the people he loves. Maggie loves ordering coffee and curly fries from here after work or after a night out and a coffee and fruit in the mornings after her runs. Andy’s Bar - Andy’s Bar is a bar/nightclub that is another one of Maggie’s favorite places and soon becomes one of Chloe’s favorites as well. Andy becomes a close friend to both just like Mac does. Andy was married and a lawyer but got divorced because he was always working and never living and decided to do something he loved, like open up the bar instead. But as a former lawyer and husband he does worry when he sees women by themselves or on first dates. If he does he lets them know of his drink system - If a date is going well order a mixed drink. If the woman is unsure and needs Andy to create a diversion for her to leave, order a water. If the woman thinks he’s a psycho and about ready to rape or kill her, order a shot. He has these signals written out on a small card and he hands them to anyone he feels might need it. The Cafe on the Corner - Alec is the owner of The Cafe on the Corner and it is the third and final place that Maggie loves. Alec was also formerly married but divorced and struggling with his business before he met Maggie. Maggie doesn’t come here quite as much as the other two but when she does her and her sisters love the cherry danishes.
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