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  1. Assignment 1: Story Statement Stranded on Earth 12,000 years ago from the planets of Rome and Olympus, the Greek and Roman Gods of mythology must band together as superheroes to prevent an ancient evil entity from conquering the world in the present. Assignment 2: Antagonist or Antagonistic Force The Beast, an ancient evil being from another galaxy, travels the Milk Way in an Ancient Asteroid with an army of demonic creatures that conquer and enslave planet after planet. This entity is a force with a singular purpose--domination and control. It does not feel compassion or feel pain; the ancient evil seeks to impose its will on others, destroying and controlling all that fall under its domain. Conjuring any creature it wants, the entity can overwhelm anything that gets in its way. The Beast takes many forms with origins of supernatural means. The evil entity calls the darkness it's home, for it came from the night seeking to enslave those that live in the light. Assignment 3: Breakout Title Age of Immortals Gods and Heroes Heroes from Olympus Assignment 4: GENRE (2 smart comps) Science Fiction, Fantasy Enemies & Allies: A Novel By Kevin J. Anderson I chose Kevin J Anderson’s work because it is one of the few superhero novels published that is not a graphic novel, a novelization, or a self-published work. Anderson’s book tells the story of Batman and Superman’s first meeting during the Cold War. Similarly, my novel has characters with superhuman abilities that act in a contemporary setting. While Anderson’s work is set in the 1950s during the Cold War, my novel takes place on modern-day Earth. The Last Days of Krypton: A Novel By Kevin J. Anderson The Last Days of Krypton tells the story of the destruction of Superman’s homeworld, the planet Krypton. Anderson’s story is a science fiction story that explores Jor-El’s attempt to stop General Zod as a scientist who acts in politics to save a doomed planet. The novel incorporates Kryptonian mythology and culture into the rich story. Using Greek and Roman mythology as a foundation, I explore the potential off-world origins of Greek and Roman superheroes as they seek to save Earth from a grave extraterrestrial threat. Assignment 5: Logline Stranded on Earth from the Plants of Olympus and Rome, immortal beings from Roman and Greek mythology must overcome self-doubt to embrace their inner strength to overcome an unstoppable entity. Assignment 6: Conflicts Major Conflict: The Olympians and the Romans must overcome self-doubt to become superheroes to defend humanity and confront the Beast. The Romans and Olympians must overcome the mutual distrust that exists between their two planets. The Romans, Olympians, and the other Immortals journey from self-doubt to hero. While their cultures are similar, there are differences. Attempts by the Romans and Olympians to establish closer relations are opposed by forces within the Roman and Olympian governments. Once they are stranded on Earth, they maintain their distances from each other as they build their separate faculties and organizations. But when the Beast attacks Earth, the Romans and Olympians are forced to establish an alliance to defeat them. Conflicts in Olympians Hermes doesn’t want his son Jason to work as an analyst for the U.S. Government. Instead of working as an analyst for the government, Hermes wants his son to join him at Olympus Industries. Ares, Apollo, and Artemis struggle to find their place in the organization of the Olympians. Under the service, Ares is anger that Apollo was Zeus’s favorite and is isolated from the Olympians. Queen Hera refuses to move on from the death of Zeus, her husband, thousands of years ago. Unlike the Romans, there are numerous interpersonal disagreements among the Olympians as they struggle to agree on a response to the invasion by the Beast and his armies. Dionysus wants a chaotic strategy and clashes with Athena’s defense strategy. As the de facto leader of the Olympians after Zeus death, Poseidon struggles to hold the fractious group together and unit to confront the Beast. Major Conflicts in Romans Apollo of the Romans must overcome self-doubt to join the Romans in battle. Juno, as queen to Jupiter, encourages Saturn, who doesn’t think that Apollo is ready to use his powers to help the Romans in their response to Jupiter struggles to connect with Mars, his son, who is strong-headed. Jupiter is overcome with grief at the things unsaid after Mars is killed by the Minotaur. Having lost Venus and Mars in battle with the Minotaur, Jupiter must overcome grief to rally the Romans to defeat the Beast in his spaceship hovering over New York. He must bridge the differences between the Romans and the Olympians to forge a united attack to confront the Beast. Neptune and Salacia long for home but find raising teenage son, Triton, who has his place in both the human and immortal worlds. Chicago Immortals, Dr. Addison, Alexander Christoff, Sandra Christoff, and Adam Wolfstein feel alienated from human society in Chicago because they are different. Adam Wolfstein struggles to maintain his secret as a werewolf and overcome misperceptions that he is a monster. Adam and Alexander ally to rescue Sandra from the Beast. They must overcome their distrust of human society to become their defenders. Christoff does not trust humans because human hunters killed his wife and tried to kill him and his infant daughter hundreds of years ago, for they are vampires. Dr. Addison is lonely and isolated, as his psychic abilities make it difficult to connect to people. Enlisted to confront the Beast, by Gabriel, Dr. Will Addison is unsure that his powers will be enough to stop the Beast. Lt. Jake Hunter, with the Chicago Police Department, must put aside his distrust of vampires to work with Alexander Christhoff because a vampire killed his wife. Christina the Angel seeks to confront her banishment from heaven as she overcomes her isolation to save people and be accepted by heaven again. Secondary Conflict: Alexander Christoff does not want his daughter, Dr. Sandra Christhoff, to fall in love with Adam Wolfstein, a werewolf. Additionally, Alexander Christoff wants Sandra to work for Christoff Industries rather than be a medical doctor in the human world. Assignment 7: Setting In the Orion–Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, there is a star system with nine planets around an orange star. Two advanced, space-faring civilizations developed on the Planet Olympus and the Planet Rome. The two civilizations developed through the millennia in deep awareness as they spurred each society’s growth and technological advancement. The humanoid civilizations developed and evolved in similar and different ways because of the divergence of natural and competitive processes. Planet Rome The Roman Republic governs planet Rome. Planet Rome orbits an orange star. Large cities dot the northern hemisphere like a shimmering necklace. In the center of a large megalopolis, lies the Romanopolis, the second largest city of the Roman Empire. Smaller cities radiate out from the center of the planet’s surface like diamonds sparkling in the sand. On the second-largest city, Romanopolis, in the center of the planet, tall buildings of alien design fill the horizon. n a large square near the center of the city, the Sibyl Super Computing Center. A speeding ship flies between the giant buildings and lands at the entrance of a massive hexagonal-shaped building. The massive Sibyl Super Computing Center was fifty stories tall with copper metal paneling and large reflective windows. Planet Olympus The Olympus Confederation governs planet Olympus. Planet Olympus was slightly older at 5.2 billion years old and smaller of the two planets. The blue-green planet shimmers and twinkles. Five large continents seem to float on a sparkling ocean. On those five varied continents, extensive forests, mountains, plains, and farms spread between the expanse for large gleaming cities. On a middle continent, the large metropolis of Olympia is on a large, ancient island in a large middle river, 100 kilometers of the eastern seaboard, leading to a sizeable coastal bay. Olympia is the capital city of the technologically advanced Planet Olympus. Large grand parks are scattered across the vast metropolis. While the city is mainly covered with buildings around 50 to 60 stories tall, some supertall buildings soar past 100 or 200 stories tall. Maglev trains speed across busy boulevards that cross the city. On this large island in the middle of the metropolis is a small mountain, Mount Olympus. On the slopes of the tree-covered Mount Olympia, a sizeable white-columned complex of stepped government buildings. This complex is the capital complex of the constitutional monarchy, led by the royal family of the Olympus Confederation. This polity stretches for a hundred planets in the Orion Spur of the Milky Way Galaxy. King Zeus IX, presides over the five-member Executive Council of the upper chamber. The Council of Olympus consists of the Upper Chamber of Parliament with the Executive Branch of the Confederation. The Council is housed in a large, ancient classical building with large Corinthian columns ten stories tall that stretched for a thousand meters dating back two millennia. Behind that ancient building rose a modern steel and glass structure that added to the Council complex. Space A Roman Colony launches a space ship, led by Commander Apollo, Blasts away, turning sharply on a direct course for the comet. The Romanauts investigate the comet and find an asteroid ship carrying the Beast and his demonic alien army. Captain Venus, Lt. Vulcan, and Commander Apollo barely escape to their shuttlecraft as an army of creatures almost sacrifice them to the Beast. As the Roman spaceship flees the asteroid, the Romanauts encounter an Olympian Ship. The Olympians, on a spaceship, are traveling to Rome to negotiate a trade agreement with Olympus. They detect an asteroid in the region so they stopped to investigate. Upon arrival, they are confronted by the fleeing Roman homebound attempting to warn and defend their planet. The Olympians create a black hole to prevent the Asteroid from reaching Planet Olympus, which sends the Romans and the Olympians. Mount Olympus and Rome on Earth Mount Olympus on Earth is the hidden embassy of the Olympians in modern-day Greece. The Olympians have created other outposts in other cities around the world has their companies and activities have expanded over the years. Christina teleports Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Salacia to Mount Olympus after the attack by the Minotaur so that they can seek the assistance of the Olympians. The Romans founded their Earth-based colony on the Italian peninsula near Rome. Through the centuries, the Romans have expanded beyond their Roman colony to cities around the world. San Francisco Bay Area San Francisco Bay Area is the home of the Romans; technology division, the Scientific Systems Corporation. The city is the site of the first attack by the Beast’s army of flying alien monsters. The Minotaur leads the demonic army as they seek to capture the Romans’ FTL drive they are building so they can one day return to their home-world, the Planet Rome. Jupiter can stop the theft of the FTL drive. While Mars, Neptune, and Salacia can repel, Venus is killed. Only Christina’s intervention saves the rest of them from destruction. Chicago Chicago is the main headquarters of the Romans and their holding company, RomanStar Industries. After attacking San Francisco, the Minotaur and a swarm of alien monsters attack the city. The Super Romans mobilize a defense of the city commanded by Jupiter and joined by Neptune, Salacia, Minerva, Mars, Mercury, Apollo, and Diane. Chicago is also the home base of the other Immortals. Christina, Dr. Addison, Adam Wolfstein, Alexander Christhoff, and Dr. Sandra Christhoff. Dr. Addison is tasked with assembling them to fight the Beast and his minions. Dr. Addison teaches psychology at the University. Alexander built his empire over hundreds of years, leading to his large conglomerate, Christhoff Industries. The Minotaur takes Sandra Christhoff to the Beast’s ship over New York after he kills Adam Wolfstein. With the assistance of Christina, who raises Adam from the dead, the two groups of superheroes ally to destroy the Minotaur and save the city. In the process, Mars is killed while Jupiter and Juno mourn his death. New York City New York City is where the Olympians have established their main headquarters. Olympus Industries, their conglomerate, is based in New York City. As the Beast begins his invasion of the city, Ares, Apollo, and Artemis defend their building from a bombing attack successfully. Soon after, the Olympians meet in the Chamber of the Council of the Twelve to plan their defense strategy. Then, once a contentious debate has ended, the Olympians launch their defense of the city. They protect and defense world leaders that have gathered at the United Nations. After defending Chicago, the Romans arrive in New York to help the Olympians destroy the Beast and his army. Beast’s Asteroid Once the Olympians and Roman defeat the Morak and the rest of the Beast’s army in New York and Washington, the Immortals fly to the asteroid ship to confront the evil entity. A pitched battle between the Immortals and the Beast leaves the Immortals nearly defeated. As a result, Dr. Addison travels through space and time to gather Zeus, Mars, and Venus from Hades and bring them back to life. A more powerful Zeus strengthens their team of superheroes, and they destroy the Beast together.
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