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    Akron, Ohio
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    Building furniture, outdoor house projects, guitar, hiking, reading and of course writing!

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    I attended the June 2020 New York Pitch, and am ready to work to get my manuscript published.
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  1. Author: A.B. Davis Title: Nightmarist (Stanchions Hollow #1) Genre: YA Fantasy/Horror Comp Titles: If the forest in the The Hazel Wood (M. Albert) had more grotesque, bloodthirsty creatures, and was being traversed by the cast of The Darkest Minds (A. Bracken) while being hunted by the killer in There's Someone Inside Your House (S. Perkins).... Hook Line: An unstable teenager, plagued by the brutal murder of his parents, must face the reality that his lucid nightmares are real creatures that must be destroyed before they consume the
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