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  1. Shit. How can it register 0.1? There’s nothing on it. Blaze tapped her scale. It flashed and returned to 0.1. She turned it off and on. Still 0.1. God damn it! Sitting cross-legged in the middle of her studio, Blaze looked around the room for answers to a question that had none. She had to use texture, not science to complete her acrylic pours. The feel of the medium was guide, difficult but not impossible. Blaze grabbed her earbuds. What kind of day will it be? A positive affirmation day? Music day? She scrolled through her phone and pressed music; calm soothing music to drown
  2. Polyphonic Story Statement: Determined to get her life on track, artist Blaze Delacroix is doing everything necessary to be released from parole since she was incarcerated for an assault she committed while suffering from psychosis despite her ex-girlfriend, Vivienne Thibodeau, stacking the deck against her as an act of revenge. Antagonist Sketch: Vivienne Thibodeau will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Ever. Even as a child, she manipulated people and surreptitiously stacked the deck in her favor. Now, she wants to prevent Blaze
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