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    adamfout.com | Adam Fout is an addiction/recovery blogger who writes addiction-focused nonfiction and speculative fiction. He has upcoming or published fiction and nonfiction in Flash Fiction Online, The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, december, J Journal, Another Chicago Magazine, the Superstition Review, and elsewhere. He is a graduate of the 2020 Odyssey Writing Workshop. Visit his addiction / recovery website at adamfout.com. 5 chapters of his memoir have been sold to the litmags listed.
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  1. Name Adam Fout Novel Title Frost (70,300 words) Genre Near Future Science Fiction Comparables Glow by Tim Jordan and Dare to Know by James Kennedy Hook Line After entering a Dallas rehab in 2071 for a new drug called frost, a broken addict on his final attempt at sobriety discovers he and his friends are being drugged by the head counselor and struggles to escape with his friends (and his newfound sobriety) intact. Short Pitch Axel is addicted to frost, a drug that literally freezes users within 36 hours
  2. Kansas is a flyover state. Even the dregs of the middle class would rather take a plane over than risk stopping inside. I’m in a crackhouse, which is to say, somewhere safe. Somewhere like home. The apartment’s walls are covered in blood spatters, the carpet a patchwork of black, still-wet stains. A blunt hunting knife has been stabbed into a once-beautiful mahogany table. A tiny cracked mirror with lines of coke is balanced on the table’s edge. Hundreds of cigarette butts, wet and sticky with a purple fluid, spill from table to carpet. Burn marks and holes cover the gray cloth
  3. Call it freeze. Call it rime. Call it glacier. Call it frost. Call it icebomb. Call it death. That’s all it is. It’s the drug of the 21st century. It’s the drug I can’t escape. One thing everyone knows about icebombers. Never trust a word they say. # I’m in a government-funded oven called Hope’s Place. Been here for three weeks. When I got in, the intake coordinator told me, “Axel, the average stay is a year and a half, but given your history, you’re looking at more like three.” “I don’t give a shit,” I’d said. “I just want off.” I did then. I’m not so sure now.
  4. 1. Story Statement A young drug addict in Kansas fights his addiction, only to move to Texas and struggle with mental illness and sobriety. 2. Antagonist Heroin. Cocaine. Methamphetamine. Benzodiazepines. Addiction. Sobriety. All threaten to take the life of the protagonist, who is the biggest threat of all to himself. 3. Title Drug Seeking Behavior: One Addict’s Broken Memories of the Opioid Crisis in the Midwest Fiend Altered Mental Status: Drug Dealers, Madness, and The Endless Plains of Kansas 4. Genre/Comparable Titles Genre: Memoir The Recove
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