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  1. Working Title: Bitcoin Trust Author: Elizabeth A. Nichols Pre-Workshop Assignments: (Also provided as MS word attachment) Assignment 1. Write your story statement Following the discovery that her brother Tripp stole $3 million of her 85-year old mom’s money, leaving her destitute, previously disconnected daughter Cary is consumed with fear for her mom and guilt for her neglect. She vows to save her mother, recover the family fortune, and bring Tripp down. First, Cary, a Ph.D. mathematician and successful Internet entrepreneur, plays it straight. That fails. Then she di
  2. Greetings -- Below is my submission for Assignments 1-7 for the upcoming workshop in St. Augustine. All comments most welcome. I also attached the same as a Word document (docx). Looking forward to meeting fellow writers and learning a lot soon. Cheers, Elizabeth Elizabeth Nichols Pre-Workshop Assignments Assignment 1. Write your story statement Cary Michael is a successful Internet entrepreneur and mathematician. When Cary’s father dies, she is delighted when her historically unreliable younger brother Tripp, who lives near their parents, eagerly vol
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