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    Alicia Winter is a writer, gardener, teacher and cook trying to find a delicate balance through the practice of sustainable living. She lives in northwest Connecticut with her husband and their dog Lincoln. Her blog can be found at www.eattheseason.com

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  1. 1. STORY STATEMENT Amidst grief and trauma, India must leave her Dome in order to save her failing community. 2. ANTAGONIST The primary antagonist is the protagonist’s own beliefs about the nature of the world. The Oman of the Dome community of Eden believe in living a cyclical lifestyle that has no impact whatsoever on the planet. When her biome community becomes unsustainable, India, in the face of loss and trauma, must go against what she thinks she knows of the Whole to travel to a different Dome for the seeds to save her community. What she finds outside the Dome fo
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