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    I have a PhD in psychology and teach college and high school courses. I love reading psychological suspense novels. I have two St. Bernards, three teenagers, a husband a minivan....the works. I like grilled cheese sandwiches, but was looking forward to going to New York City to experience other foods as well. Folks who are there, I would appreciate descriptions of your lunches during the conference. I am happiest when hearing unusual and absurd stories from students, authors, friends and strangers.

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  1. Seven assignments Story Statement Two damaged people kill or save each other Antagonistic force A Coke and a compliment is all it takes and Sarah is wrapped around his little finger again. When her ability as a trainer becomes invaluable, he kills her mother and is granted custody. He gaslights Sarah, grooming her until winning is all that matters. He convinces her to drop out of high school and work for him training the dogs and making him a ton of money at the track, but it’s never enough. Sarah wins, but he knows the dogs have more potential. She’s too soft on
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