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    I love immersing myself in worlds different from my own. My favorite books and media transport me someplace, and show me perspectives that I had never considered. I love culture, people, and the infinite possibilities of their lives! I'm currently writing a series centered around this fascination.
  1. 1 Act of Story Statement Survive betrayal and find a sense of self. 2 Antagonistic Force Like other young soldiers, his name was alphanumeric. Ruthless training from toddlerhood revealed a talent that, were he nonmilitary, would have been his end. It still meant he could not rise in rank. He could influence minds, but would always be a tool. His first long-term assignment took him to an island desired for its metal stores. The team had devised paths to supplant the local government. He was to acclimatize to the culture and learn how to manipulate its people
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