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    Reading, learning languages, traveling, working out (the irst-fay ee-thray are efinitely-day rue-tay!)

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    Sexy nerd who can't pass up a good book, who hopes to be a published author some day, and in old age, the village crazy lady. We all can dream, right?
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  1. Assignment one: Write your story statement. A djinn girl saves a human boy from demon control. Assignment two: In 200 words or less, sketch the antagonist or antagonistic force in your story. Iblis, a demon, goes on a lifelong crusade after witnessing a startling taboo: the first humans killing other living beings. He becomes an avowed enemy to humans, feeding on their immorality, driven to corrupt them into destroying themselves through whispered suggestions. He campaigns on warring philosophies between himself and the djinns and angels, two fellow supernatural beings w
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