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    Storyteller, historian, and highly southern by the Grace of God, Sidney S. Reynolds prides herself in speaking through her writing for those who no longer have a voice. Playwright and story gather for Swamp Gravy, Georgia’s Official Folklife Play; and an Economic Development Director with the Technical College System of Georgia, she contributes her love and passion for the historical significance of southwest Georgia into being an economic driver for its preservation and future. Sidney holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Georgia State University and a Master of Science in Communication from Walden University.
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  1. FIRST ASSIGNMENT: Even a small fish can cause a ripple in the largest of lakes. SECOND ASSIGNMENT: Jack Wingate and the world he lived in are nearly a thing of legend. Time is the primary antagonist to the Sage. Throughout the different parts of the book, readers can feel the shift of time and what it does to people, places, and bygone values. Jack finds refuge from time’s incessant nagging with fishing on his precious Lake Seminole, which he uses as a pathway to educate people of all kinds about the history of the land. A lasting legacy lives on despite time’s harshest punishme
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