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  1. Write Your Story statement Justin Jones comes to Hong Kong to find out the truth behind a business scandal and discovers that he needs to get himself out of an even more elaborate trap, which ties to his inheritance. Second Assignment Justin considers his mother and his two fathers as the sources of his unhappiness, so he opts to cut them off from his life, especially his mother. But the past won’t leave him alone, and there are mysterious forces behind a scheme to entrap him and put his life in danger. The architect behind this scheme is the most unlikely person Justin will ever suspect, and also challenges Justin's decision on how to deal with the situation. Third Assignment My Inheritance Call It Love Is Too Heavy My Fathers’ Sin Fourth Assignment -2 comparable-This is a good opportunity to immerse yourself in your chosen genre. Who compares to you? And why? I wouldn’t dare to say that I can compare my book to The Secret History or The Goldfinch; I’ve also thought about Crazy Rich Asians, but my story is not a comedy. So should I say it’s something in between The Goldfinch and Crazy Rich Asians? Fifth Assignment: write your own hook line (logline) with conflict and core wound. Justin fought with his mother to choose his own path into the world, and now he has to find a way to get out the great danger that his mother has warned him. Sixth Assignment: sketch a hypothetical scenario for the "secondary conflict" involving the social environment. Will this involve family? Friends? Associates? What is the nature of it? Justin’s trust in love was damaged before he was born; as a result, he has to overcome many obstacles to find out that he is capable of loving someone. His entangled family past pushes Justin to gravitate toward his three young friends: Tim and Alish, whom he’s known since high school; and Evelyn, his colleague. He shares a brotherly bond with Tim, and is secretly in love with Alish; Alish and Tim, meanwhile, have been in and out of a romantic relationship since high school. Tim is a womanizer and never hides his disloyalty to Alish from Justin. Evelyn is a domineering character who provides the friendship that Justin needs when he tries to find his own place into the world. Justin doesn’t mind her overbearing personality, but her motivation behind their friendship becomes problematic after Justin finds out the real danger that is threatening his life. Tim meets four young rich Chinese princelings in Beijing and introduces them to Justin. Justin and Tim also find out that their Airbnb landlord in Hong Kong, a local college student, was one of the student leaders who organized the demonstration against the government, and that he was either arrested by the police or went hiding in the end. These figures are all like doubles that Justin could have become. And they hold the key for Justin to understand who he is and what defines his existence: problems which have been bothering him ever since he found out who his father was. As he dealing with his problem, Justin gains clarity about who he is and what he should do with his life; in the process, he comes out from his shadow. Final Assignment: Setting The story takes place in Hong Kong because this is the perfect place to connect the backgrounds of the story: the two continents and cultures behind Justin’s birth, growth, and current troubles. Born in New England, Justin attended college in San Francisco before coming to Hong Kong - where his biological father is living, to clear his rumored involvement in a business scandal. Hong Kong is a city which combines the beauty of nature with the luxurious of metropolitan life: the poor and rich have all found their own spaces to live harmoniously in such a crowded place over the last two hundred years. But this harmonious fabric is tearing up when Justin arrives, as political turmoil and the COVID-19 pandemic are destroying the commerce and the stability of the city. Justin comes here to find his answers, and he leaves with the truth that his mother had hope he would find years ago.
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