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    In 1984 J. David Liss received an MFA from Brooklyn College. Trained in writing and inclined to politics, he became a speechwriter, then a lobbyist. In the past 35 years, Liss has worked in corporate, academic, and healthcare centers and all his work has been touched by literature (he likes to think). He’s published 17 short stories, including in “Caustic Frolic,” “The MacGuffin,” “Lake Effect,” “Blood and Thunder,” “Forge,” “Inscape,” and others. His poetry has appeared in “Fifth Wednesday Journal,” “Euphony,” “Poetry Quarterly,” and others.
  1. Name: J. David Liss Title: The Judged Genre: Suspense Comparables: A Time to Scatter Stones, the latest in Lawrence Block’s Matthew Scudder Series (2019), and Boulevard, by Stephen Jay Schwartz (2009) Hook Line: Sex-addicted NYPD detective Jimmy Lombardi is outed in the courtroom where his wife is a judge. Soon after, she is accused of murdering one of his affair partners. Now, he’s got to clear her name and find the real killer at a time when his wife doesn’t trust him and his fellow police won’t work with him.
  2. THE BODY ELECTRIC, Science Fiction - J. David Liss Comparables: The Strange Case of the Alchemists Daughter by Theodora Goss meets Blake Crouch’s Recursion Hook: It’s Mary Shelley vs. Thomas Edison for the fate of the world, and one scientist from the present has to decide whose side he’s on – because that side wins. Pitch: 21st Century scientist Lew Argent knows tragedy. His wife and son were electrocuted by a fallen power line. He would do anything to change what happened, but that is beyond anyone’s grasp, even a brilliant electrical engineer and physicist. Lew
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