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    Writer of Fantasy (adult, YA, high, low/intrusion, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and Arthurian influenced Fantasy).

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  1. Opening scene/first chapter. Introduces protagonist and one of her antagonists (twin sister). Also, tries to highlight the two different segments of society that the two are about to inhabit. The protagonist, has a desire that is thwarted, and must then come to terms with that colossal failure. Chapter One The sprawling metropolis that was Acragas stretched before Evelyn, the building sparkled like fallen stars that had taken up residence on the earth. Evelyn looked over her shoulder at the massive spire that stood in the center of the city. It strained towards the sky like a finger
  2. Hello Michael, My answers to these prompts are below. If any ought to be reformed, please just let me know. Thank you. FIRST ASSIGNMENT: write your story statement. Evelyn seeks to defy the leader of a group of zealots and gain the power to save those she loves. SECOND ASSIGNMENT: in 200 words or less, sketch the antagonist or antagonistic force in your story. Keep in mind their goals, their background, and the ways they react to the world about them. To be joined with a magical aspect is the goal of every citizen in this story. When Evelyn fails to do so, she
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