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    A multi-platform screenwriter, Laura has 14+ years of writing, production and directorial experience in award winning film, television and new media including single cam and multi-cam projects and live events. A writer-producer for Cooke Media Group in Burbank, California and co-producer/CEO for Source Entertainment, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Ministerial Studies and completed postgraduate work in UCLA’s Professional Program in Producing Film and Television.

    An award-winning screenwriter, her most recent work includes a VR project written for a 360° environment for the Bible Society UK (co-writer), and Episode 5 for the 6-Episode TV series “Inexplicable” by TBN (story producer, co-writer) produced by Cooke Media Group. She is the writer, co-producer and director of IN TUNE. Winner of Most Inspirational Short Film (ICFF) and Best Original Music (CMA Film Contest) and nominated for Best Director; the film has gained distribution on Amazon, Christian Cinema and CanZion’s Glou Cinama, with various ancillary products increasing its reach. She is in negotiations on other film and television projects, having written a TV pilot for the Los Angeles-based JPA Productions and a feature film for River Productions, CRY PURPLE.

    As an author, Woodworth is a contributor to FamilyChristian.com, iDisciple and Dove.org and a YouVersion Partner with multiple devotional plans on their platform of over 400 million. She is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors in Los Angeles and a script consultant and book-to-screen adaptation consultant for Stage 32 based in Hollywood.

    For more film and television credits, find Laura on IMDb here. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2961897/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
    Find Laura on LinkedIn here. https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurakwoodworth/

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  1. Story Statement: Rachel - to do whatever it takes to stop the deadly attacks planned against the United States which God has prophetically revealed to her. Antagonist: Backed by war profiteers, Gleason, the trusted White House Chief of Staff and secretly radical Muslim, will stop at nothing to ignite war between the U.S. and Syria with the intent to bring infidel America to her knees. Breakout Title Options: (with plans to title the sequel "Beyond Coincidence" or "What If I'm Right") Knowing Beyond Coincidence What If I'm Wrong Comparables: Noah Hawley
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