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    Sonja Legere is an ADHD queer writer located in Boston. After graduating with a BA in Journalism, she ran two publications that focused on showcasing diverse artists from around the world before moving into a corporate position in Global Operations.

    Sonja is also a professional photographer and is internationally published. Her focus was on alternative models who don’t fit the industry standards, and her work has been featured over a thousand times in magazines like Inked, Tattoos Only, Maxim, and Planet Muscle.

    Sonja is passionate about the representation of marginalized groups in movies and novels. #OwnVoices
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  1. Opening Scene: The opening scene introduces my protagonist’s (Aurora) inner conflict of being unable to move on from the life she had before she died. Aurora’s love interest Genevieve (enemy to lover) is introduced, and there is the start of some worldbuilding with Genevieve teaching Aurora about The Other. Chapter One If there was a light at the end, I must have walked away from it. That was the only explanation of how I ended up in this purgatory. Actually, Hell was probably a better description. I don’t know what I expected death to be like, but it certainly wasn’t to spen
  2. Assignment 1: Story Statement As a ghost, Aurora must find a way to defeat a corrupt leader to save everyone she cares about in the living world Assignment 2: Antagonist(s) Lila Abbott attends Adirondack Prep and, on the surface, seems like your typical high schooler. She is in a relationship with Dalia but continues to pursue her ex. Her feelings for Dalia seem genuine, and she may even believe they are, but when given a choice, she will always put her interests first. Lila is a member of the Order of Elementals, a secret society whose members can wield the elements and
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