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    Native of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    My first love is writing and my first life is literature.
    Hopeless philosophizer who is grounded by reality, I am resolved to both live as a writer and to die trying.
  1. Name: Cavis Adams Novel: Terror Undeleted Genre: Literary Fiction Comparables: "Version Control" (Dexter Palmer). "The Lathe Of Heaven" (Ursula K. Le Guin). Hook Line: Being kicked out of Tent City, New York, Miko turns to an experimental tech-firm for the chance of a lifetime--to commit his mind to the good of science and to get paid of course. If only that were the story, and not one of undead terrorists rehashing their own bloody plot. From homeless to would-be savior of the world, Miko stands to lose more than he finally has, a place in this world.
  2. Name: Cavis Adams Novel: The Resurrection Arc Genre: Literary Fiction Comparables: The revived spirit of Total Recall meets Inception for a journey of Memento. Hook Line: Finding the strength to wrest an immortalizing technology from the enslaving hands of a world techno-giant means to die trying. For Justin, what begins as an imaginative game along a cutting-edge of role-playing plunges deeper into the real world than he ever suspected, a world turned deadly with the struggle to save all he has ever believed in, starting with the very memory of himself.
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