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    I was a mermaid in a previous life. A bad one, I suspect, because of the landlocked nature of my current life and a yearning for the sea that never ends. Now, I am an old mermaid wondering about what we know, what we think we know, and the vast universe of what we don't know. It's comforting to realize we still have more questions than answers. It's less comforting to realize we tend to keep to a single path as we seek answers. Maybe that is the lure of science fiction and fantasy-- the myriad pathways available to the reader, the watcher and, best of all, the writer.

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  1. October 2021 Part I assignments: 1. Story line: a skeptical woman struggles against a powerful man bent on world domination to retrieve her family from lost history and protect her world. 2. Sketch of the antagonist Conrad Hunter III: white male, CEO of the powerful Pangaea Consortium, a collection of businesses spanning the globe. Conrad III is driven by two consuming obsessions: 1) living up to the cherished legacy of his grandfather, who rose from serf to pirate to founder of Pangaea, acquiring vast wealth and power over the course of a three-hundred-year lifespa
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