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    From the time I was six years old, I have had a needle in my hand. Either a sewing needle or knitting needles. By the time I was thirteen, I could make complex sewing patterns that fit and looked more like a professional construction rather than homemade. I studied the arts extensively as a way of overcoming my undetected dyslexia. Later, in college after finally being diagnosed, I received proper training and went from a hater of books to a lover. I became a veracious reader. Slated for failure by every teacher I ever had, I not only became a successful student but a successful entrepreneur and designed and sold jewelry all over the United States. In my thirties, still not satisfied with my station in life I returned to school to prepare for an MBA program. I received my master’s degree and was a tenacious business owner. I am told I was a serial entrepreneur, which I always said was immeasurably better than a serial killer. I became a partner in an evening wear dress company and took the young start-up from zero to over 1.5 mils within three years, while concurrently keeping my professorial responsibilities in the business school at Tulane University. I was writing technical pieces and educational periodic for the classroom and students using innovative processes to teach Information Technology, and it was changing and growing every semester. Now retired I have been writing a book since 2007 and joined an incubator which has taught me a great deal and helped me to zero in on reading lists that are directed toward the craft of writing. I have recently finished writing the first book that I started in 2007 and am ready to learn and network with others that have similar yearnings and lust for learning. When I am not writing I still spend my afternoons in my studio using needles and threads to create artwork that might look like clothing and award-winning quilts.

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  1. I am fairly computer literate -can someone tell me how to post content?

    My work is getting messed up if I copy and paste from a word doc or I even tried converting to an html, or pdf. Nothing seems to work.

    I am trying to post assignment 2.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Robin DS

    1. JazzyLady


      Hi All,

       Michael was kind enough to call me and explain what to do.

      Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to meeting you all,

      Robin DS

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