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  1. Assignment 1: Story Statement Sylvia must recreate herself by bridging the gap between fantasy and reality. Assignment 2: Antagonist/Antagonistic Force The antagonistic force (which I now realize I must personify in a character) is Sylvia’s inability to define herself as her own person and claim that status in her life. She does what society tells her to do to have a happy, meaningful life: get married, have children and live happily everafter. But she doesn’t go beyond that to foster any talent or inclination of her own. Who is she beyond being a societal expectation? Even her husband who is living his counterscript is striving toward something. Adonis is the personification (dream) of romantic fulfillment. Sylvia commits to this fantasy. It owns her. Then it threatens her reality such as it is. As she struggles to define herself, she is opposed by both her husband and Adonis. Assignment 3: Breakout Title Sylvia’s Anniversary Ring Vest-Pocket Dreams Ringing Camouflage Assignment 4: Women’s Fiction Comparables Persuasion by Jane Austen The Overdue Life of Amy Byler (The fact that these are in paperback for less than $10 at Amazon is ominous.) Assignment 5: Core Wound And The Primary Conflict Feeling lost and empty, a woman finds refuge in a fantasy lover only to have the affair threaten her sanity and her marriage. Assignment 6: Other Matters of Conflict: Two More Levels Sylvia lives the life society has prescribed but it leaves her feeling empty. Her core wound is her poor self-image. The celebration of her 25th Wedding Anniversary was to have been the culmination of marital bliss but it leaves her unfulfilled. The tipping point occurs when her husband only begrudgingly gives her the much-coveted anniversary ring, A secondary conflict emerges with her fantasy lover who refuses to accept the end of their affair. Assignment 7: Setting A small town near a regional hub city. The family lives in a suburban type environment. The husband works at a local car dealership which will participate in a regional auto show.
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