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  1. I'm super excited to be attending the New York Pitch Conference next month. Looking forward to meeting other likeminded, creative individuals. :D

  2. SUICIDE HOTLINE A THRILLING SERIAL KILLER SERIES | WIP ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Author Name: A.L. Frances Assignment 1 – The Act of a Story When childhood trauma seeps into adulthood, this can be one lethal combination and Luke Colten is no exception from this rule. Not seeing the trail of devastation behind him, Luke believes his mission on earth is clear - Thou shall not sin – and suicide is a sin. However, murder is not! Assignment 2 – Antagonist Moving to sleepy Pennsylvania seemed like it would be the perfect fit for Luke to help cure himself of his PTSD and forget all about his chaotic childhood trauma. And so, with the support of his sister, who is the only person in the world who he trusts, Luke went off to try and find a purpose in life. Standing over six feet tall at thirty-five years young, Luke is charmingly handsome and has a great personality. Not only this, he’s extremely wealthy due to his grandparent’s inheritance - on the surface, he seems way too good to be true. Raised in an environment that wasn’t safe, sound or meant for children, Luke found himself inside a Cult for most of his younger years. Unfortunately for him, Luke would soon become an orphan as his parents drank the 'Kool-Aid' and if it wasn’t for the quick actions of his sister, little Luke would have been dead too. Fighting the voices in his head daily, Luke has a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to suicide. As he has grown older, he’s discovered that suicide is a huge sin. Struggling to live with the vision of his parents burning down in hell, nightmares begin to plague him. Luke doesn’t want any more vulnerable souls to be sent down to the fiery gates of hell and so he’s decided to save as many as he can. And just like that, he starts his voluntary job at a Suicide Hotline. Assignment 3 – Breakout Title - SUICIDE HOTLINE Assignment 4 – Comparable Titles and Genre Thriller/Suspense - Caroline Kepnes - You - Carolyn Arnold – One more kill. Assignment 5 – Hook Line You think you’re calling for help, but he’s only interested in your answer to one question… “On a scale of one through ten how suicidal are you today?” And just like that, you seal your own fate. So, will you or your loved one be his next victim, I mean, caller? Assignment 6 – Inner Conflict What’s the saying – ah, that’s it, ‘Don’t shoot the messenger.’ Luke truly believes he has been awakened by his parents through his nightmares. They have delivered a message to him that could save a multitude of souls from being sent to the depths of hell. However, he’s also human and he sees how the world works when it comes to law and order. Murder is considered murder in the eyes on the everyday man. The everyday man won’t understand that he’s been sent on a mission to save souls from Satan. With this constant thought in mind, Luke knows he must tread carefully and be strategic in his planning when it comes to fulfilling his destiny. Maintaining his relationship with God, Luke takes guidance as he repents on earth. At stages he becomes confused, anxious and get physically sick, but it doesn’t matter what he thinks or how he feels, he has a purpose that outweighs his own inner ego. Vulnerable souls are at stake, and he must act fast! Assignment Seven – Setting Book One – Set across America in various states. Book Two – Set in England. Book Three – Set in Europe The rest, to be determined…
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