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  1. 1 : STORY STATEMENT (Applies to book 1 in the series) 150 years after the exodus from Earth, a top notch agent takes on a seemingly simple assignment, keeping an eye on the privileged prodigal son from a very powerful family, and finds himself falling for him against his better judgement in between saving him from his misguided sense of heroism. 2 : Antagonist : Jinsai Owaga- The name Jinsai in Japanese has two meanings: Artistic man and Catastrophe. Jin is the variable that is the cause of Tonics conflicts. If he isn't putting himself in danger, danger finds him and Tonic has to save him. At the same time, Tonic is consistently being tormented by his attraction to Jin’s natural beauty, inside and out. The Fantasy Palace: On the surface, it’s a fun amusement facility for all ages, but underneath it’s a swamp of questionable morality. Above you can have Virtual Reality adventures,play games, win prizes and shop for Bling to attract playmates. Below, in a secret underground facility, you can gamble, live out erotic and violent fantasies and pay to share your expiriance with a pleasure bot or a bioengineered living being. These beings were once free but tricked into servitude by dark dealings within the Fantasy Palace organization. Tonic, Jin and Chia (one of the bioengineered beings) go on a mission to break into the lower levels of the Fantasy Palace and steel back what is rightfully Chias. Everything goes wrong and they must find a way to get out without getting caught. There are several “villains” that come and go throughout the series but The Fold is a constant. The Fold - The Owaga Fold, where Jin comes from and who hired Tonic to watch him, is an extremely rich and powerful organization/family that keeps its members on a short leash. An organic tattoo-like mark embedded into an Owagas skin controls them to a degree. Owagas are also conditioned since birth to be compliant. Jin is Fledging, allowed to leave the Fold after his prime education and do whatever he wants with practically unlimited credit until he is called back to the Fold to live out his life being useful in Owaga Fold society. There is a caste system within the fold, identified by color, that tells each member how they will serve the community. Jin is a Red, a direct descendent of the leader of the Fold and a favorite to take over that role. He would prefer not to, but may not have a choice. Ascension is not what it seems. There is a dark secret that will be revealed several books into the series. 3: Breakout title: Jin and Tonic Jin + Tonic Jin and Tonic: Shaken and Stirred. 4: Comps: Boyfriend Material- It’s not sci-fl, but the dynamic between the male leads as well the humor is similar to my story. Winters Orb - A sci-fi story in a world where same sex marriage is just normal so the story can spend more time on plot and world building rather then defending the relationship. Red White and Royal Blue , Mo Dao Zu Shi 5: Tag line: He accepted an easy peasy assignment, spying on a privileged hot guy with a naive sense of heroism, but this might just be the job that kills him. 6:Conflict: Internal Conflict: Tonic is an adrenaline Junkie. He likes doing dangerous things, but he also likes being in control of them. In the opening of Jin and Tonic, Tonic is on a mission as an agent completely in control of the situation. Everything goes just the way he expects. He’s working with other exceptional agents and accurately predicts every move his team mate and the culprits make. In direct contrast, when he gets involved with Jin nothing goes as he expects. Jin is not predictable and not being in control of Jin’s actions or his growing attraction towards him takes its toll on Tonic’s nerves. Getting emotionally involved is a big no-no in his biz. And because he has these feelings, he starts to feel guilty about constantly lying to Jin about who he is and why he’s there. He also battles internally with choosing between what he’s supposed to do and what’s the right thing to do. External Conflict: Tonic is roped into doing a mission and taking Jin and Chia along. He can’t find a way out mostly because if he doesn't do it they will do it themselves and probably die. On the mission everything goes wrong, one thing after another and Tonic must solve each mess while keeping Jin safe. 7: Setting: After the exodus from Earth, entire countries and cultures departed and set out to replicate their homes and cultures on new worlds. Each world is self governing to a point. There is a Universal government to keep things in check with the help of the Universal Military Patrol. The planet Ba’nesspah was one of the first privately terraformed planets. Only a small portion of it is inhabited by humans while the rest was left as a nature preserve where living things could live peacefully without human interference. The City of Ba’nesspah is designed like a European city with cobblestone streets. It rests between a bay and a mountain that was once a volcano. It’s a luxurious resort planet, with only the wealthiest residents with the exception of visiting Tourists and workers. A public transport system called Pods take people around the city. There are also flying self driving cars you can call. Every planet has a Skyport and a Startown. Skyports are on space just outside the atmosphere. You arrive hear by starship. Then you can take a shuttle down to Startown, which is on the planet but not part of it’s government, like an airport. You need a pass to get from Startown into Ba’nesspah or back up to Skyport. Stravaganti Tower where Jinsai lives in a luxurious apartment. Many scenes take place in his opulent apartment that he decorated himself. Tonic is on the planet on a work-pass and has a free room in the building where he took a job as building manager. His apartment is small and well used by previous building managers. Some destinations on Ba’nesspah where major scenes take place in first book: The Park: a small mountain, the remnants of a volcano. The top of which has great views and a bench where Tonic meets with his handler to take the assignment. It can be seen from Jin’s apartment. The Boulevard: a cobblestone tree lined street of upscale restaurants and shops. The open air Market: located by the bay with produce, crafts and other luxury goods. The Fantasy Palace: (Technically this is in Startown, not the city of Ba’nesspah.) It’s an amusement facility with VR games, VR suites where you can have adventures, a theater, restaurants and other amusments. There is a hidden underbelly to this establishment where sorted thing as go on. Startown: It has a boardwalk feel in its entertainment district. Street food, games, shops and a nightlife. Deeper in it’s seedier. Many people get stuck here who can’t make enough money to buy a ticket to Skyport and don’t have a pass to get into Ba’nesspah. There is housing, hotels and shops, restaurants and bars but it’s much different than Ba’nesspah. Defiantly a bad naughborhood. Mentioned but not visited in first book: The Museum of Earth Art and Artifacts The Academy of the Preservation of Earth Artifacts The Ba’nesspah Nature Preserve The Universal Military Patrol Academy The Fold (the place, not the organization)
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