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  1. Seven Assignments


    First Assignment: Discover the truth about how her mother died.


    Second Assignment: Overall, there are multiple antagonists in the story. Beginning with her father, they have a disgruntled relationship due to his secrecy about the death of her mother. As the story progresses, Ricky becomes a minor antagonist. He believes that his methods are in her best interest, without realizing he is putting her in danger. The ultimate antagonists are the Gallentine Clan. They plan to kidnap her and force her to harness the sun, knowing the last flare vampire to perform the ceremony died.


    Third Assignment: BloodLuster


    Fourth Assignment: Comparable One: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. This novel is comparable because it is paranormal novel with a romance storyline.

    Comparable Two:


    Fifth Assignment: A misunderstood young woman torn between leaving everything behind or discovering the truth of her mother’s death, herself, and everyone she’s ever known.


    Sixth Assignment: Initial Conflict: Internal frustration and feelings of confusion due to her father and everyone close to her not explaining what happened to her mother. Her father is the antagonist for this conflict.

    Second Conflict: Discovering the truth about her nightmares, herself, and Benjamin. Determining if she wants to stay in Penseton or leave the town for good. This is an internal conflict; fighting the true nature of herself.

    Third Conflict: The Gallentine’s attempting and ultimately succeeding at kidnapping her to harness the sun. The antagonist is the entire Gallentine Clan, they have no regard for her safety; only what she can offer them.


    Seventh Assignment: The novel is based in a fictional town; Penseton. Penseton is a rural small town, the type of place where everyone knows one another. There are multiple locations that makeup the story. Mill’s Motel (a run-down outdated motel ((the only one in town)), Ricky’s farm, Benjamin’s farm, Leo’s farm, Italian restaurant, the hidden Genovo house, the hidden Gallentine house.

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