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  1. Story Statement Kate must break old patterns of choosing self-destructive coping methods and learn to heal. The Antagonist Plots the Point In ALL THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN, Kate, our Protagonist, is her own worst enemy and also the main Antagonist. Since she was a teenager, 38-year-old Kate has drank, smoked, and screwed her way out feeling anything. Drinking started as a way to avoid her abusive drunk parents and evolved into a method of “disappearing” from her emotions. But the body keeps the score and eventually she ends up pregnant with estrogen driven cancer. After she chooses to have an abortion, her fiancé dumps her. She reacts the only way she knows how – by drinking, smoking, and screwing until her life becomes such a disaster that she has no other choice than to break old patterns and learn to heal. Breakout Title ALL THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN (I pulled it from dialogue and it works beautifully as the MC often thinks about her childhood of protecting her sister while she was just a child herself, ultimately filling in all the moments in between then and now.) Comparables (This is SO hard. I would LOVE help with this!) Fleabag X (Tone of) Where of the Crawdads Sing Flight Attendant’s Cassie X (Tone of) All the Ugly and Wonderful Things Hook Line After discovering she’s pregnant with estrogen-driven cancer, choosing to have an abortion, and being abandoned by her fiancé, a woman uses all the wrong strategies to cope until they no longer work and she finally has to learn to heal. Other Matters of Conflict: Two More Levels Kate feels turmoil because she wanted the baby she chose to abort. Even though she wasn’t sure she would be good at it – after all she’d spent her childhood terrified of her parents – she wanted to marry Will and be a good mother. When he disappeared on moving day, Kate once again felt unworthy of love and compassion. So, she falls back on the only coping tools she knows; drinking, smoking, and screwing. This time, she’s screwing a married man she met at her cancer support group. Joseph says he loves her and shows it by sneaking off to spend time with her and taking her to a doctor appointment, but when it comes to actually leave his wife, he falters, catapulting Kate into another blaze of self-destruction. Setting ALL THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN takes place in Hollywood at Christmas time. Not the glitzy glam people see on TV, but the real Hollywood. It’s a shithole. Loud, dirty, and run down. Kate loves Hollywood because no one will judge her for pounding tequila in her favorite dive bar even though she has cancer. In that dark grungy bar, she befriends the bartender, Allie, a beautifully gritty aspiring actress who yells at customers, makes fun of tourists, and offers pretty good bar-top therapy. Christmas music, twinkle lights, and sagging Christmas trees only make Kate’s Hollywood sadder. A never-ending rainy season becomes its own character as it destroys Kate’s roof and relentlessly pounds on, confining her to the ramshackle bungalow she was supposed to renovate with her fiancé before he disappeared on her.
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