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  1. THE LOST CITY By Haisam Elkewidy Story Statement: Hydros, a hunter in the Basileon Hunting Party, joins his comrades on an expedition to search for The Lost City, a hydrothermal vent believed to be the origin of all life on the Seven Oceans, in the hopes of saving his family from a famine. Antagonistic Force: I would say there are two antagonistic forces in this story. The first of which is the famine plaguing his home city, and making sure his family survives and gets through it. The shortage in food supply is putting him under immense pressure to try and find a way to put food on the table and keep his family alive. The second antagonistic force is that of one of his close friend’s ulterior ambitions. It is later revealed towards the end that he had other plans throughout the entire expedition, which leads to him, and some of the other hunters, dissenting from the party and betraying their leadership. Title: THE LOST CITY Genre and Comparables: Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction Aquaman (content) Daughter of the Deep – Rick Riordan (content isn’t the same but the setting is) Clive Cussler novels Log Line: When his home city of Basileon is struck by a major famine, and little food is left to put on the table for his family, Hydros joins a hunting expedition to search for a legendary hydrothermal vent ecosystem, in the hopes that it will save his family from hunger. Inner Conflict – Hydros is trying to provide food for his wife and only son, in a city where dissent is growing widely because of the food problems. He had not been active on hunting duty for over a year because it was assumed that the surplus would last them a long time. It turns out that this is not the case. Secondary Conflict – Hydros’ superior, Commandant Lakness, has a gripe with the leadership governing the entirety of the Seven Oceans. The Vicegerent, in particular, has kept The Lost City a secret from everyone for years. The only reason why she knows this is because she was linked to the Vicegerent at one point, but then they went separate ways. Lakness has her own ambitions and power-hungry goals, which cause more complications on the hunting expedition than initially expected. Setting: The story takes place on a planet Earth where the human populace now lives underwater, in our very own Seven Oceans. To do this, humans have evolved over the span of ten-thousand years to acquire gills, fins, swimbladders, and other physical features from different fish in the Oceans. The hunters in this world wield harpoons and go on hunting voyages to bring the game back home to feast upon. The cities in this underwater world have borders that are inspired by the shapes of certain fish in the oceans themselves. For example, Basileon’s borders are designed to make the city look like a basilisk. The city of Galathaeon looks like a lobster crab. And so on and so forth. Humans in this world can learn how to talk to certain fish by basically imitating their sounds at the same pitch, intensity, and frequency. Since fish communicate with sounds and not words, only humans can talk to each other via the written language. Fish do not talk in this story.
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