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  2. 1. Story Statement: To fulfill an ancient prophecy, Sarah must survive, no matter the cost. 2. Antagonist(s): Caesar (Tiberius), Caligula, Pilate, Claudius, Antipas, Caiaphas, Peter, Belial For their own reasons, Rome and all who serve Rome want Sarah dead. Each antagonist driven, hungry for power, either to attain or maintain it. Sarah and all she represents, is an obstacle to all of them achieving their goals. The antagonist force driving the action is absolute power corrupts absolutely, giving rise to the darkness within. Caesar (Tiberius/Caligula): Goal- To rule supreme at all costs. Caiaphas (Sanhedrin/High Priests): Goal: To preserve Jewish law and maintain spiritual order against false prophets. Claudius (Rome) Goal: Put down rebellion, treason, sedition of any kind in the province of Judea and anywhere in the empire Caesar commands. To ascend the ranks of Roman military. To expose Pilate for a fraud. Belial (Descendants of Darkness) Goal: To overturn the balance of power from the Archangels and claim the Tablets for the Descendants of Darkness. To tempt, torture and punish humanity. Pilate Goal: To redeem his soul. Peter Goal: To rise above all apostles for the glory of God at all costs. 3. Titles: Beyond the Veil Footprints of the Dragon Queen The Lion and the Wolf 4. Genre and Comparative Titles Historical Fiction Fantasy Speculative Fiction THE BOOK OF LONGINGS by Sue Monk Kidd HALF SICK OF SHADOWS by Laura Sebastian 5. Hook Line: Betrayed by those she once trusted for the sake of power, Sarah finds herself at odds about what it means to serve the Goddess amidst political upheaval. 6. Protagonist (Inner Conflict & Core Wound) Sarah Tamar has a secret. Born with a bounty on her life, the daughter of Jeshua and Magdalene, she is hunted by the High Priests of Judea and the Roman Empire. Her father is dead, her mother, an outlaw. With the help of enemies turned allies, Sarah finds the courage to fight against the dark forces that threaten the realm and embrace her destiny as the embodiment of the Holy Grail. Across time and space, Sarah befriends supernatural beings and mythical creatures as she discovers what it means to be the most dangerous girl in the world. Core Wounds & Themes: Abandonment Rejection Death Grief Loyalty Redemption Friendship Awakening Empowerment Acceptance Courage Betrayal Rebellion Destiny vs. Free-Will Dark vs. Light 7. Setting First century circa 37 CE Roman Empire. Judea (Jerusalem, Caesaria, Joppa, Bethany) and Egypt (Alexandria), Garden of EA (garden of eden in the multidimensional universe)
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