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    As a new author, finalizing my first novel in an ongoing series in Young Adult Modern Fantasy; currently, I also have completed the first draft in the second novel of the series. Whereas I have been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy books since childhood, I am eager to share my own creations.

    I hold a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance with 30+ graduate hours. I also have a certificate in Sustainability. My professional work experience includes working as a music director, serving as a class piano instructor, and teaching private piano lessons. My goal is to become a bestselling author. 
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  1. THE ACT OF STORY STATEMENT The New Guardians must rescue one of their own before he falls into the clutches of the Shadowlings, henchmen of the Stygian King. THE ANTAGONIST PLOTS THE POINT Three Main Antagonists Sealed within the boundaries of the Void, a grey dimension devoid of sunlight, the Stygian King rules with an iron fist. His ambition is to expand the borders of his dimension to absorb all of creation into the Void so that he may rule over all that lives. He is aided by the immortal Shadowlings, who are bound to him by their life force, and a traitorous ex-Guardian. Lauryn Green is a powerful sorceress and among the most powerful Shadowlings. She’s one of the last of the Stygian King’s generals not sealed in the Void. She poses as a human and uses humanity to further the Stygian King’s goals while keeping her true nature a secret. Prior to being bound to the Stygian King, she was worshipped as a self-styled goddess. She yearns for those days again. Ethan Hardy is a vengeful, power-hungry ex-Guardian who betrayed his teammates to the Shadowlings. His powers broken, he paid dearly for his betrayal, but continues to ally himself with the Shadowlings for the promise of power and vengeance. When the New Guardians are chosen, he has the means to find them. He conspires with Lauryn Green to eliminate them. CONJURING YOUR BREAKOUT TITLE The New Guardians: Deadly Genesis The New Guardians: Birth, Betrayal, and Rescue Hunt for the Missing New Guardian DECIDING YOUR GENRE AND APPROACHING COMPARABLES My book has elements of both science fiction and fantasy genres for young adults. I've chosen the following two books for this assignment: 1) Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer 2) Legendborn by Tracy Deonn by Peter Lerangis My book is designed to be the first self-contained story in a larger seven book series story arc. CORE WOUND AND THE PRIMARY CONFLICT Hook line: When the New Guardians are targeted for death at the moment their powers awaken by the traitorous ex-Guardian, Ethan Hardy, and the Shadowlings, they must be gathered before they are eliminated, and the survivors must learn to master their powers before assuming their destinies. OTHER MATTERS OF CONFLICT: TWO MORE LEVELS Prince Kyle leads a caged life at Castle Matheson. At fifteen-years-old, he's never been allowed off the estate and he doesn't know why. It leads to friction with those around him, escape attempts, and other mischief. Some of the New Guardians have great life ambitions that get upended when they are chosen as the next generation of Guardians. Not everyone is happy to be chosen. Mei Ling is a Guardian who trains the New Guardians, successors to her generation of Guardians. The Shadowling, Lauryn Green, killed her fiancé, Ramon Soltero, fellow Guardian and teammate to Ling and Ethan Hardy. Ling seeks revenge against Green. SETTING 1) The primary setting of the story is New Pangea, a fictional country that has remained hidden from the world since its founding. It is the oldest and most technologically advanced civilization on Earth, but they’ve only just revealed themselves to the rest of the world fifteen years ago. New Pangea is roughly the size of Ireland and Great Britain combined and is located west of Ireland and south of Iceland in the North Atlantic. It is divided into five provinces. The story takes place in three of the provinces: the Arncola Wilds in the North; Venmark to the west; and at the center, Cancona—where the nation’s capital, Kingston, resides. At the heart of Kingston, the imposing structure of Castle Matheson rears tall, dominating the landscape. The venerable abode is centered on two-thousand acres surrounded by a twelve-foot-high wall of stone. Much of the earlier parts of the book is set in Castle Matheson. There are literally thousands of rooms in this castle, and this is where Prince Kyle Matheson (a New Guardian) lives. 2) The Arncola Wilds is where Prince Kyle meets his beast-mate, Moonshadow. . This province is undeveloped wild jungle where beasts of all kinds exist. The story is set in modern times, but the New Pangea's indigenous creatures and plant life are from the Tertiary Period. (I took the liberty of creating some of the creatures since new species are being discovered all the time.) 3) New Pangea’s Academy for Exceptional Youth is located in the remote Beauwood Forest in the eastern province of Venmark. There’s an invisible, intangible energy field that surrounds the school which deters predatory creatures from entering the grounds. The main school building is a large, four-sided stone structure with a large courtyard in the center. There are four detached dormitories spread out at each corner of the school. There are also condos on the campus where faculty and staff live as well as a school hospital. The gym and fine arts building are separate from the main school building. There’s also a series of underground labyrinths on the campus and an underground lagoon. There’s a lot of greenspace on the campus, and the walkways are made of cobblestone. 4) Other settings include: A farm and a carnival in Michigan A house and a university in Ethiopia The Phoenix Metropolitan Area A clothing store in Shanghai, China A pocket dimension at the school only accessible to the New Guardians, their mentors, and the principal, where the New Guardians train to use their powers and study up on the Shadowlings by reading historical accounts of them in the Guardian Library.
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