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  2. With regard to my work SPARQE, I recorded a podcast with Jessica Temple of Thriving in the Midst of Chaos – Parenting with Special Needs Kids which can be found at Special Needs Superheros with Guest John Besold - Thriving in the Midst of Chaos (midstofchaospod.com) As leading characters in SPARQE are special needs kids, I felt it critical that those families with these kids find SPARQE an exciting and not an exploitive piece of fiction. As you listen to the Podcast you'll have an insight as to how that went. See you all 12/2
  3. Title of Series - SPAQRQE (Special People Always Responding Quickly Everywhere) In the SPARQE tales, special needs kids sparked by the undertakings of genetic manipulators call upon their abilities, wrapped around a bit of science, to become Special Purpose People (SPPs), with a wide variety of gadgets, vehicles and apparatus to accomplish superhero deeds, while avoiding capture by agents of the darkly evil Empty Vessel (EV). EV, who once lost an important promotion to a disabled kid, is a self-acknowledged and self-made sinister scientist. Using the scientific and energy resources of Technoprise, EV has constructed a Bio-Farm where he develops genetic modification technology aimed at eliminating the disabled, creating a “clean gene” society. EV must find the SPARQE lab and eliminate all the SPPs so that he can have unimpeded access to the disabled for experiments at his Bio-Farms, and to otherwise rid the world of—or make invisible—the disabled. So SPARQE fights a two-front war. In everyday life the SPPs are out there showing how they make important contributions to the lives of other people. Simultaneously, they are trying to learn of EV’s plot, the secrets behind EV’s science, and the location of the Bio-Farm so they can destroy it, topple EV and restore his kindly predecessor, Mr. Otterbach, as head of Technoprise. The year is 2029. EV has already taken over Technoprise, the SPPs are out in the world under SPARQE’s umbrella, and the conflict is engaged… - Book 1: Silence The Viper (self published Dec 2020) - Book 2: Conquer The Viper (Completing Nov 2021) - Book 3: Harness The Viper (Completing Mar 2022) - Book 4 : The SPARK(QE) In Real Life (In progress Completing 2022) by John Besold Copyright Materials 2020/2021 Hi all, Look forward to meeting folks at the early December event. For this "First Assignment" I took Mr. Neff's challenge on to "be aggressive with it", so I've laid out the entire four (4) book planned series (1 written & self published less than a year ago and the remaining three (3) book plot lines, settings, conflicts, etc. It's all there in the attachment. Best to ye all John B JOHN BESOLD FIRST ASSIGNMENT 11-3-2021.pdf
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