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SFF A hub for all things fantasy (plus some SF). Book reviews, games, author interviews, features, serial fiction- you name it. The Fantasy Hive is a collaborative site formed of unique personalities who just want to celebrate fantasy. Btw, the SFF novel to the left by one of our members, Warwick Gleeson, was a "Top 150 Best Books" Kirkus pick in 2019.

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WTF is Wrong With Stephen King?

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      Elyse Watches The Bachleor–S27 E2: Look at this Photograph

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      The Pale House Devil: Excerpt and Cover Reveal!

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      Algonkian Retreats and Workshops 2023 - Assignments

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      Quiet: A Syllabus

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      Contemporary Romance, Non-Fiction, & More

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      THE CLIFF HOUSE by Chris Brookmyre (BOOK REVIEW)

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      Your Book is Always New

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      Hope and Fortune by Marissa Bañez: Blog Tour and Giveaway

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      Harry Dean Stanton is the Hero of Every Noir

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      10 New Books Coming Out This Week

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      São Paulo: City of Extremes

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      The Novelist As Method Actor

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      Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey

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      Cover Awe: Textures, Cats, & More

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      Interview with Gretchen Roberts - 2nd Place Winner in the Q1 2023 Creative Nonfiction Essay Contest

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      Get Rec’d with Amanda – Volume 35

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