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The definitive "best of" source for valuable book reviews and publishing news in general. We mix it up and dish it into the "Activity Stream" so don't be surprised at what pops up.

We are the makers of novels, and we are the dreamers of dreams.


  1. Crime Reads - Suspense, Thrillers, Crime, Gun!

    Crime Reads CrimeReads is a culture website for people who believe suspense is the essence of storytelling, questions are as important as answers, and nothing beats the thrill of a good book. It's a single, trusted source where readers can find the best from the world of crime, mystery, and thrillers. No joke, 

  2. Writer Unboxed - The "Connect Kitty" Approves

    Bibliofile Cat AAC can't help but deliver the best bloggish content that will inspire writers to new leaps of imagination. This one is mostly new releases, bestsellers, literary fiction historical fiction, mysteries, popular non-fiction, memoirs and biographies.

  3. The Fantasy Hive - A U.K. Wonderland

    SFF A hub for all things fantasy (plus some SF). Book reviews, games, author interviews, features, serial fiction- you name it. The Fantasy Hive is a collaborative site formed of unique personalities who just want to celebrate fantasy. Btw, the SFF novel to the left by one of our members, Warwick Gleeson, was a "Top 150 Best Books" Kirkus pick in 2019.

  4. Women on Writing - WOW and WOW!

    Writer's Edge Women On Writing is an online magazine and community for women writers. Among major topics are novel writing, indie publishing, author platform, blogging, screenwriting, and more. Lots of contests and general jocularity sans frittering on the part of Earth's most powerful humans.

  5. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

    Smart Bitches Bringing you the famous and cheeky SBTB blog for romance enthusiasts. If you're into the romance genre, this is where you want to be. If you're not, avoid at all costs to preserve your sanity. Ha ha. We're just kidding. There are some good things happening in the genre. Stay Golden, Horny Girl!

  6. The Paris Review - A Literary Wonderland

    Paris Review From one of the most classic literary journals of all time, famous for its author interviews (among other things), comes the PR feed. Grab your coffee and conjure your most literary mindset cause you're going to need it. Academics and shut-ins will wet their pants over this. Ya gotta love it!



WTF is Wrong With Stephen King?

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