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New York Write to Pitch 2022 and 2023

New York PitchFor New York Write to Pitch or Algonkian attendees or alums posting assignments related to their novel or nonfiction. Assignments include conflict levels, antagonist and protagonist sketches, plot lines, setting, and story premise. Publishers use this forum to obtain information before and after the conference event, therefore, writers should edit as necessary. Included are NY conference reviews, narrative critique sub-forums, and most importantly, the pre-event Novel Development Sitemap.


  1. New York Write to Pitch "First Pages" - 2022 and 2023

    Novel Writing Program A forum for New York pitch event alums to post samples of their scenes and prose narrative for detailed critique according to Algonkian Author Connect guidelines. Emphasis on choice of set, narrative cinema, quality of dialogue, metaphor, static and dynamic imagery, interior monologue, general clarity, tone, suspense devices, and routine line editing issues as well.

  2. Algonkian and New York Write to Pitch Prep Forum

    New York PitchCopies of pre-event studies required of Algonkian attendees regardless of workshop, retreat, or conference. Post-event includes the Algonkian Novel Writing Program for purposes of rewrites and editorial tweaks. Like the rest of our programs, these studies emphasize dramatic act structure, high concept, execution models, setting, and choice of antagonist as core element gateways.

  3. New York Write to Pitch Conference Reviews

    New York Pitch The commentary and publication success stories noted herein by writers and published authors who have attended the New York Write to Pitch, as well as prior pitch conferences, combine to create a representative sample of total responses. All are the result of various articles, interviews, and comments made in Internet forums, as well as mails sent to us. Many of them are quite nuanced and uniquely focused, and as such, a good tie-breaker read for the event.


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