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  1. Space Babies and Lost Illusions - the SFF 12/21 Pitch Writers

    A forum where the cool and brilliant members of the best NY Pitch SFF group can hang out, exchange work and ideas, make pithy comments as well as plans for Pismo Beach reunions and whatever else comes to mind.

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WTF is Wrong With Stephen King?

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      “That Little Click in the Mind”: Vijay Seshadri Reflects on his Tenure as the Review’s Poetry Editor

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      Turning Points

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      10 New Books Coming Out This Week

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      Six YA Thrillers where Teens Fight the System

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      Happy Holidays (That Aren’t Christmas)!

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      Joe R. Lansdale and Jussi Piironen Talk Graphic Novels and Noir

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      Cover Snark: Is It Too Early for Easter?

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      Checking Out Virtual Book Clubs

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      Get Rec’d with Amanda – Volume 26

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      Meet Q3 Creative Nonfiction Essay Contest Runner Up Jennifer Juniper

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      Interview With the Creators of the Sit & Write: A Writing Master Course

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      Six Things You Might Not Know about the Writer Unboxed OnConference

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      Whatcha Reading? September 2022, Part Two

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