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New York Write to Pitch "First Pages" - 2022

Novel Writing Program A forum for New York pitch event alums to post samples of their scenes and prose narrative for detailed critique according to Algonkian Author Connect guidelines. Emphasis on choice of set, narrative cinema, quality of dialogue, metaphor, static and dynamic imagery, interior monologue, general clarity, tone, suspense devices, and routine line editing issues as well.

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WTF is Wrong With Stephen King?

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      Novel Writing Program Syllabus

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      Bodies Bodies Bodies is a Vicious Parody of Online Culture and a Tight Little Murder Mystery

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      The Philosophy of Crimes Without Memory

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      Why Is World War II Such A Popular Subject For Historical Fiction Right Now?

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      Sparking Your Writing Using Abantu

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      522. Five Books that Rocked my World with Agatha Andrews from She Wore Black Podcast

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