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Below are some of the situational facts regarding our St. Augustine novel writing workshop. These are especially important for anyone who worries or believes they might be unreasonably vulnerable to Covid come late October.

  • The workshop group comes together on a large deck outside. Attendees are able to spread out enough to create distance as appropriate, and living areas in the homes are spacious with plenty of windows, ventilation, and fans.

  • Should anyone not wish to attend any particular evening dinner function, plenty of nearby grocery stores and food delivery restaurants are available.

  • In consideration of the above circumstances, concerned attendees have the option of going right from the airport to their lodging accommodation (many of them on Vilano Beach including private suites), and only emerging as necessary to meet with faculty.

  • All accommodations provided by Algonkian will be sanitized prior to occupancy and according to CDC guidelines. We can assure that all attendees, faculty and writers, are vaccinated.

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